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  • rec5866 -

    I am interested in the arcade system 16b multi board.
    Please tell me how to order.

  • JinQ -

    Hi, I received the S24 multi last week. I need a ROM file generator for S24 Multi. Can you send me the tool file? jinq0128@naver.com

  • mdtt77 -

    Hello! Can I still purchase sega system 16b multi?

  • ClarKent1975 -

    Hello, How do I get on the wait list for the Irem M72 multi kit?

  • Hieroneus -

    Hi Apocalypse, i need a A-01 to repair a cps 1.5 faulty a board, do you know where get one? Thanks

    • Apocalypse -

      They used to be available from UTsource but I'm afraid the stock has dried up. An other option is to pull it from a CPS2 A-board.

    • Hieroneus -

      Finally i got a yaton A board, is a 1.5 with dip switches and audio zone added.

  • Electroball -

    Hi Apocalypse, I'm intersted in two (837-7968) reproduction , How can I join the group?, regards

  • BladeZX -

    Hi Apocalypse... I am assuming you are the writer of the excellent tutorials like this one... If not I apologize.


    I do not see any files for the CPS1 conversions. How do I go about getting the files so I can convert my WW to something of use
    Is a donation needed for the files for the WW to ? conversions you have.
    I would like to do each of them.


  • smedamaoyaji -

    Dear apocalypse. Can I buy a Irem 72 multi from you? How should I do to buy it from you. I'm beginner to use this forum lol
    kind regards

  • Apocalypse -


  • moorebwb -

    Hi ya there, finally managed to pickup a eswat 16b over in the uk for a reasonable price...was wondering when your sega 16b multikit is being released? Cheers and keep up the good work

    • Apocalypse -

      Hi. Well, it's been ready for few months now. But we had to get new connectors made to order for better contact/tighter fit. Hopefully manufacturing should begin soon, I believe @mitsurugi_w is waiting for some flux. Maybe try contacting him if you want more details.

  • Thchardcore -

    Where can I find your corrected/hacked files for Lost/Forgotten Worlds?

  • Apocalypse -

    Hi, yes there is. It's not that complicated. But that's not on my list for now, I think @undamned will release something eventually.

  • Hieroneus -

    Hi, is there any project to make a reproduction to capcom b-xx custom?

  • hoagtech -

    Hi apocalypse. Can I buy a Irem 72 multi from you? What is the process and how can I help make this real. I just bought an m72 board and am pretty noob here.

  • Apocalypse -

    Hi Christo,
    yes it absolutely does.

  • christo -

    Does lazerghost have the romboard you need?

  • Apocalypse -

    Yes it is. Please contact @Mitsurugi_w.

  • chrisapple -

    Is the Multi Sega System C2 still available ? I like to buy 1 plesase.

  • Apocalypse -

    Please try this file:
    And report if it works for you.

  • Psykick -

    Hmm, there goes our theory haha. Back to the drawing board :)

  • Apocalypse -

    I do use the Gotek USB version.
    See on my blog there are few pics.

  • Psykick -

    Hi, seems like another game works and that the problem lies in the fact that we have a Gotek USB version and we need an SD version for it to write to it properly. Can you confirm you have an SD version also? Thnx!

  • Psykick -

    Ok, I will do that first. Thnx so far!

  • Apocalypse -

    Then I don't know. Try to contact Jeff @ HxC.

  • Psykick -

    Well I think we've done that, so something else is wrong I guess. Dipswitches? Stick format type?

  • Apocalypse -

    Nope. You pay only once to get the HxC firmware. In the firmware zip file there's a directory called beta or something similar. There you can find the 3.x.x.x version. Just put it on an USB stick, plug it into the Gotek and after few seconds firmware should be updated.

  • Psykick -

    Hmm, is that the one you pay for or is there another HxC firmware needed? We've did the steps on the HXC2001 site. Is there another place where I should get that? One of my colleagues did it and he's not here, so don't know exactly. Hope to hear from you ;)

  • Apocalypse -

    Have you updated the Gotek with the HxC 3.x.x.x beta firmware?
    Now that your Gotek is running the HxC firmware you can update it from the USB stick.

  • Psykick -

    Ok, we have a weird problem. It boots the first time, but when you give it a credit it turns black, but you hear the game and also when you reboot it it doesn't boot further then the SEga System 24 loading screen. This is a 3 player btw. It writes a file to the stick and that seems to overwrite or corrupt something. Any idea? Thnx!

  • Apocalypse -

    Ok, just copy the 3 files included in the following zip at the root of a USB stick you plug into the Gotek:

    Let me know how it works for you (there should be the 3p and 4p versions, if they work I can send the 2p version too).