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  • moorebwb -

    Hi there, just wondering if i could be added for a sega system 16b oled screen?

  • klee123 -

    Hi Frank

    I've recently bought a prebuilt version 2.5 of your supergun and am sorting out the PSU for it.

    The schematic shows that it has 2 +5V connectors on it. Do both have to be connected or is just 1 ok? I plan to connect this to an ATX breakout board which only has 1 +5V terminal.


  • Three Seven -

    hi I stumbled upon a yami article a few years ago. I did 240p work myself and checked the possibility. And, by bypassing the limited pixel clock, I drew the resolution for each game with the Advv utility, and tested it for about 6 months to complete an almost perfect image. While working, I learned that there are numerous resolutions for each game such as 60hz 58hz 55hz. Horizontal resolution, vertical resolution, horizontal frequency, vertical frequency.. As a result, I concluded that the Raspberry Pi can also express full resolution. Thank you very much to Yami. Of course, there are personally added work besides the manual. If you have a chance, turn the link image back. I don't know if you like it, but there won't be a big problem with resolution. thank


    hey hows it going, so is there a discount for getting the the new md2neo if you got the olds ones that dont work properly?


    would like to get 2 MD2NEO u have alink

  • zionfarm -

    Question for you Frank. Is this your item number on EBay? It’s a Minigun V1.7 for sale.