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  • Battlesmurf -

    Just trying to touch base with ya. Thank you!

  • suprawhite -

    Hi there, I was wondering if you can calculate how much it cost to 92646. By the way, is there anything that is different about the new F panel. As for me, I want 2p panel and I have one Vewlix Diamond Orange so I don't care much for the old vs new. Since you stated that it's new and was applied by you, hope it came you good. The reason I'm a little hesitant because I got my Vewlix Diamond Orange last year but have not don't anything and it is not hooked to anything at the moment. I'm thinking of getting this 2p panel and the Brook Universal Fighting Board to my Playstation 3. Besides that, I have to get the 2p wire harness for the control too. Thanks :)