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  • supabok -

    oh yeah just saw you're selling ketsui art?! I'll take that too if you still have it ;)

    • keiichi331 -

      hey whats up bro! yeah i saw that, im still sifting through all of these PMs about it.

      Yeah if you're interested in the Ketsui art, i'd much rather deal with someone local then have to ship it out cause it might run the chance of getting damaged.

      Let me know when and where you want to meet up and i'll bring the art work. Im located in north san jose off landess exit on 680N

      - Johnny

    • keiichi331 -

      Just saw the other message about the egret at well. A few other people were first in line in terms of interest, but i'll defintely let you know cause i'd rather deal with someone local =)

      But i'll let you know!


  • supabok -