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, Reading thread New Namco System 1 Multi Instructions

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  • BlackLord -

    I wrote you some messages.

  • Escarioth -

    Hey, i still wants both of your sega 16

  • dannahan -

    check dm

  • Rbtamanini -

    Hello Derick, how are you, you want 2x vewlix c and one super neo 29 control panels right?

  • electronbabies -

    Hey! I'm trying to get a CPS3 3rd strike board and rom preferably modded. I noticed you said you had at least fully working CPS3 boards in? I was wondering how much you were looking for something like that? I live in Austin TX btw.

    At some point my ideal setup would be 2 candy cabs. How much does it cost to ship those things? I'm looking around and not finding too much.

    First step though is SF3 w/ CPS3 modded. Second step... probably super gun? I'm not sure yet :) I'd rather have a cab!

  • carboncycle1313 -

    Hello Derick2k, do you every get around to getting the 2 naomi's? If you still have them I will take the naomi 2s. Let me know how much shipping .

  • carboncycle1313 -

    Hello Derick2k did you get my messages?

  • hypernova -

    put me down for a set

  • zombie343 -

    Add me to the list of people waiting for a reply. Really hoping we can work out a local pickup for an NNC and NAC candy cab. Really appreciate your help.

  • beast1x5 -

    peep your DM's when you can dude! good stuff on the RGB goodies!

  • beast1x5 -

    hey dude.. still 100% interested.. check DM's when you can

  • Geddon -

    Just want to say good luck to people dealing with this guy. I’ve sent him multiple PMs and he ignores them.

  • Geddon -

    You have some PMs and I see you have been online. Why ignore me? Hello?

  • NeoLurker -

    Hi, I saw your post about your vewlix c. I’m interested in buying the 2player control panel.

  • Bigsingerdawg -

    Hey Derick, check your pm when you get a minute. Just want to finalize Mini cute sale. Shipping is ready to go for next year.
    Happy belated birthday

  • Rg111 -

    Pm'd about East Coast Candies, check it out so we can get a plan together.

  • connor -

    PMed about ID7.

    • Derick2k -

      Yes, I saw the message, I’ll get back to you, it’s still available. There’s interest but you know how it is, peeps gotta get their funds in place :)

  • Jmez -

    Hey man pmed you about TTX2

  • beast1x5 -

    Hey dude check your pm when you can

  • RealMFnG -

    Check your PM!

  • -Ace- -

    Hi Derick- I don't mean to be a pest or anything, but are you able to help me out with that Taito jamma setup that's been discussed in my post? Would be great, otherwise I need to keep looking.

  • kcarcadegame -

    3 more day

  • Philbee90 -

    Hi again Derick, I see the cases you have for Naomi (colored). Do you sell these? Liking the blue one.

  • Philbee90 -

    Hi Derick, wondering if you have made anymore Naomi 2 gpu fan/ reset cables for connecting to raspberry pi?

    • Derick2k -

      I will be soon.

    • Philbee90 -

      Put me down for one please whenever you get around to it. Thanks.

    • Kingen -

      please add me to the list as well

    • Derick2k -

      @Kingen, Philbee90 already did his reset circuit, not that difficult, were are you located, maybe I can send you one. I am doing a harness for someone else at the moment. But, if you can solder it would make thing a lot easier.

    • Kingen -

      I'm located in Sweden, I can solder, not a pro but this cannot be so hard.

  • Derick2k -

    Anytime, let me know if you need anything else.

  • kingpin -

    Hey man just wanted to say thanks for the smooth transaction! Much appreciated!

  • Tyranix95 -

    Derick2k, inbox full! Delete, Delete, Delete!

  • ArcSys101 -

    Hello Derick, can I ask where did you get or bought the offline mode kit of tekken tag 2 unlimited, I am interested to buy the same kit of namco, can you please give ne the details of the supplier so I can make the transaction with them, much appreciated.
    Thanks God Bless
    ArcSys101 Gilbert

  • vaelitaenettae -