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  • gStAv -

    Hi bro! Long time :)
    Found your post here about the replacement solenoids very interesting. Did you ä incorporate any of them in your gun?

    Did ypu go with Aimtrak or other solution?

    I would love if you could point me to a model number on the terminator salvation solenoid, maybe even ebay links (for both of them if possible)

    Looking forward hearing from you


    /Gustav (the JUZI builder)

    • Zebra -

      I bought three Terminator Salvation Solenoids. One for my TS gun, one as a spare for my Ghost Squad gun and the other was installed in my House of the Dead 4 gun (replacing the useless knocker).

      You can get the TS solenoids from either SuzoHapp or Betson. They're roughly $30.

      I don't use Aimtraks. I have real Sega arcade guns (with the ten led sensors around the monitor). The arcade I/O is connected to my PC via a UHID (from ultimarc) for games that can take analog input and via an Arduino for gun games that only work with a mouse.

      I also have real arcade light guns connected with a USB2Gun in my America's Army cab and a bunch of positional arcade guns connected using an Apac.

      I posted some vids on YouTube a while ago when I first got each of them. This is me testing some of my Sega arcade guns on a PC:



      This is me using real arcade light guns to play Time Crisis in Mame using the USB2Gun:


      The gun in the vid is a Happ light gun. I currently have Time Crisis guns hooked up to the USB2Gun.

      And some of the (many) positional guns I have:



      I'd choose any of my real arcade guns over an Aimtrak. I can't stand any of the home light gun solutions. None of them capture the feel of the arcade IMO. The Act Labs guns are accurate but they have a horrible cheap shell.

      If I had to choose just one type of gun for everything, I'd go with the Sega arcade IR guns. It's an expensive set-up but they're the only ones that genuinely work well for every type of gun game on every display (at any resolution).

      That's my $0.02 anyway.