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  • MrTanuki -

    You still have the triforce for sale? What info do you need to get a shipping quote?

  • silent253 -

    Hi glstar,

    Does the Taito Type x2 multi come with the jvs i/o board?

  • Arcade game -

    Hey buddy
    Is this still available?Let me know tx

    • glstar -

      Hi.That one has been sold.I have my personal copy if you want.In better conditions than the other one, but it comes with no trackball cables.But they are really easy to do...Let me know.

    • Arcade game -

      Hey buddy sorry for my late reply
      But appears that my friend Mark already got it from you considering
      I was looking for it
      But he recently told me about it
      But if anything changes I will let you know.thanks again for your time