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  • Battlesmurf -

    Tapped you via PM. You were inquiring about parts and never responded. Were you still interested? Thanks!

  • deep -

    Hello, i just flyed over your post, if you are still looking for a I/O, you should ask this guy, he lives in Tokyo, and can often get cool stuff:

  • rodocs2 -

    Hey man, i got a vewlix L to, let me know if you have any questions. Im straight up PC in mine though. And it kicks ass. I may end end up doing a monitor swap to because mine is dim as well. Not to bad, but i know we can do better. Alot of these guys are purists they refuse to cross over to the pc side, but its inevitable. Have you put Nesica on that beast yet? let me know Heres a nesica video as an example, its made for guys like us.