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  • Supergun -

    I’m interested in your Premiere Soccer and Escape Kids boards.

  • DLX -

    Do you have a salamander 2 for sale? Thanks in advance.


    Hello. I know this is old but did you ever sell your Fixeight?

    • YanoArcade -

      No. Fixeight still available.


      I see it says "NO Jamma" in the body of your post, what does that mean exactly? The only Fixeight boards I've ever seen all have Jamma connection. Can you clarify? Also, what would total cost be shipped to NYC? Thanks for your time!

    • YanoArcade -

      Ahh probably a writing error. The pcb IS JAMMA.
      Spending for the United States
      it is 29 € for 1 kg or 36 € for 3 kg.
      Let me know if you are interested

  • neofan -

    I'm interested in your Windjammers cart if it's still available. How much would shipping to Wisconsin, USA be?