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  • Notsuoh -

    I would like to purchase stickers for the CPS2 Darksoft Multigame.
    Thank you.

  • Matan -

    Hi, I would like to purchase the CPS2 Multi sticker for my B-Board cover.

  • mallgrab -

    Hey! Do you still have your namco 357?

  • chrisapple -

    Did you ever get your Taito type X3 Ultra street fighter 4 (new Ver.) running and play Off Line. I got 2 of these here. Thank You.

    • PascalP -

      Never had the time to look at it, still on the project list as I have 2 units myself as well

  • hotcuervo -

    thanks for designing and printing the cps3 superbios cart labels. I got one from another member on here and told me that you are the one that created them. Thanks again.

  • synbiosfan -

    Thanks for the GnG advice. Just ruining the A board I can deal sucks but I can play it again.

  • furbyxxl -

    If you would be willing to do some soldering work on the Sega stv for the darksoft multi please let me know..
    You wrote about this in the multi mvs thread and I would require someone to donthr necessary mod for me..I also live close to Luxembourg just like the person asking you in that thread..
    Thanks for your answer in advance!

  • kazuo -

    Sorry, meant to send you a PM, but I sent an email by mistake!

  • fluxcore -

    hehe, pm box full - when you get a chance, PM me about a taito f3 multi label shipped to New Zealand, cheers!

  • beast1x5 -

    Hey dude what's the wait time for those taito f3 labels?

    • PascalP -

      Expect to ship the next batch out early next week, after that is takes whatever time postal services need :)

  • edwin128 -

    hello. do you still have the naomi 1 avalaible? Please let me know. Edwin.