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  • TropicalBits -

    Hi there, hey I checked your thread about the Rtype conversion, today I got one and when I played multiple times the sound stopped at the boss on stage 4, sometimes stage 3 but I loose all the audio, I checked the jumpers and seems fine, I was wondering if that happened to you as well that end up on the IC8 reprogramming or was more than that. Thanks in advance for the assistance.

    • ShootTheCore -

      Are you referring to R-Type Leo? If so, there is a bug with some conversion ROM sets that cause the music to stop unexpectedly. Hit up Apocalypse for the updated set that resolves the problem.

  • Pega$u$ -

    Have any cps2 stickers all in one I can buy?

  • moorebwb -

    Hi there,

    Just wondering if there's any updates on the sega STV case?