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  • from Work and am originally from San Jose. Live in Manteca where housing is cheap :)
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  • bagheera369 -

    Heya chief. Was working on my buddies Tekken 5 cab tonight, and had to raise it to stand-up to dolly it up a flight of stairs....made me think of yours. Did you ever get it to sit down????

    • acblunden2 -

      Not yet man. I got so many projects to work on, it is insane. Check my signature. LoLoLoL. Thanks for the heads up. I don't think this will ever go up or down any stairs. But if it did, I'd just sooner take it apart.

    • bagheera369 -

      We had to raise it up to stand up, take the control panel off, and then strap it to a furniture dolly and row it up the stairs, one step at a time. It's heavy. Taking the CRT out would have made it a piece of cake...but that's as far as I would ever take it apart.

  • kcarcadegame -

    will let you know

  • bagheera369 -

    Hey...what speed are the STVMultiBios Eprom's you bought? I would like to get one burned by a friend, but all he has is 120ns chips, and figured it would need 100's

  • streetlights -

    Whatsup dude...can your buddy also print me a case for the superbios cart?

  • Mr.Nintendo -

    I have a bunch of boards I'm interested in selling all of them they all work and I have replaced all the batteries myself I think I have one tat is phoenixed all guaranteed