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  • buffaloj0e -

    Great seller, awesome packaging. Thanks a bunch.

  • AMS -

    No not in a few months :)

  • AMS -

    Yes but not for sale right now

  • DollahDollaBillz -

    Hi! I see you have a lot of cave kits, do you happen to have donpachi or guwange?

  • AMS -

    Sure hit me a pm

  • MrTanuki -

    You still have any of these bundles available?

    260 euro Ex shipping for:

    1 dimm unit 512mb-4.02 with battery
    power and patch cable
    zero key
    export bios
    PI unit with screen and pre loaded with almost all games for n1,n2,atomiswave,chihiro,triforce and a export bios compatible with this all except for some dedicated games like voot/ outrigger etc but easy to put them in via pc

  • mahesak -

    I come from who collect many AES japan. I am intetested in full or partial kits

    espgaluda 1
    espgaluda 2

    Do you still have them?


  • dinahcc -

    This guy is a great seller anyone looking at this page. He gave me a great deal on a part and shipped it in very safe packaging. Couldn't recommend him enough if your looking at this page trying to buy something off him.

  • AMS -

    @famersmania ?

  • famersmania -


    What is the solution