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  • cobrax77 -


    You have arcade machine for sell now?
    Send in France possible?

    Thank you

    • XeD -

      I currently don't have any for sale and I'm not setup to do international shipping

  • YourPalCeej -

    Hello there! Any chance you have any game boards/systems available? Super thanks. :)

    • XeD -

      Just some random MVS and cps3 cart. I think I have a Trophy hunting bear and moose and a Vs. tennis

    • YourPalCeej -

      Might be interested in MVS carts, also looking for a MVS board too. Think we can PM? Thanks :)

    • XeD -


  • WigglesWorth -

    Hey i was wondering if you had any candy cabs for sale?

    • XeD -

      I do. Some NNC and 1 Windy 2.Only problem is I'm on the west coast. No cheap shipping up here in Canada. There was a guy who imported a container of Blast City in New Brunswick

    • WigglesWorth -

      I'm also in Canada, Me and the fella in NB are in talks for a cab already just seeing what else is out there

  • Rg111 -

    Check out my PM, sir.

  • kcarcadegame -