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    Safe to run Blast City power supply with no 12v load?

    I'm working up a way to power my Mister setup directly from the power supply in my blast, but if I do that it will mean that the 12v line on the power supply is left with no load. In quick bursts of testing, this seems to not cause any issues but wasn't sure if the power supply would survive...
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    Wtb: JST RA-3411 Connector

    I'm in as well! This will clean up some rather unsightly wiring hacks I'm using at the moment!
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    Wtb: JST RA-3411 Connector

    Looking for a source for a single JST RA 34 pin connector and pins to use with a Blast IO. I’ve found them in bulk, but just need one housing and 30 some odd pins. All the usual sources seem to be out of stock. Is there a good source out there?
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    [FS] Vewlix or (Uni Blast Backlit/Translit) Marquee art set (UPDATED 17-JUL-2021) ~ Capcom Mini Cute

    Any chance for an Espgaluda marquee and instruction strip for a Blast City?
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    Blast City Speaker Replacement

    Very cool! I finally got a working monitor in my blast and quickly figured out that the right speakers are thrashed. This will help out a ton. Thanks for sharing the STL!
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    What Donor Board to use for the CPS1 Multi

    Are there any hard to find parts needed to populate the audio section of a 1.5 A board? I’m sitting on 2 of them I had earmarked for the multi and hate to not use them.
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    Monitor Test Bench Solution Help.

    Craftymech test pattern generator for anything rgb. Just need an iso to power the monitor. The tpg is powered off a 9v battery.
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    Blast City Speaker Replacement

    I’m going to have to pull the monitor in my blast anyway, so happy to be a test bed if you need one. Will give me a good reason to have Bagheera over!
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    I wish I could offer a suggestion, but I've been needing a solution for low voltage AC power myself. If anybody has a way to do it, it would open up a lot of potential repairs on older and oddball stuff.
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    MK1 Sound Board Repair

    Finally sat down and looked at the dead sound board I got with my previous MK1 main board. Out of the gate, it had no signs of life at all. All the boards I got out of this lot had a lot of corrosion and rust, so I expected the same here. Visual inspection showed that the GAL on the board was...
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    Cap leak cleanup - pad won’t take solder

    The fiberglass pen did the trick. Didn’t take much scrubbing either. Thanks for the reminder! Sound board still doesn’t work, but that’s another topic. Lol!
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    Mortal Kombat 1 - DOA

    I always wondered about that possibility. The daughter board has a GAL and a crystal on it, so I assumed it was more than just protection. Admittedly, that's way out of my area of expertise so I'm likely wrong.
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    Cap leak cleanup - pad won’t take solder

    Nah, these are through hole. I didn’t think about using my fiberglass pen. I’ll dig it out and try it tomorrow. Thanks!
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    Cap leak cleanup - pad won’t take solder

    I’m working through a dead MK1 sound board. Pulled the 3 caps that power the amp and found some minor leaking. Cleaned it up, doused it in flux, but I can’t get the top pads to take any solder. They are fairly heavy traces, so I bumped my temp to 750 from 650, but still no luck. Any tricks to...
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    Mortal Kombat 1 - DOA

    Speeds it up, makes it possible to juggle more, sub zero’s freeze makes the opponent levitate, reptile comes out more often. Stuff like that. It’s a cool bit of history, but not really all that great. Just hard to find since it needs a daughter board to run.