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    Sold:battle garegga,Sold out

    Put me down for one if more pcb ever show up.
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    T-T-T-T-TURBO FORCE Sorry, couldn't help myself.
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    CAVE PGM conversion audio quality

    I had a china conversion a while. Got rid of it quickly due to said audio issues and reverted back to original PCB. I had fluffys pcb's a while but was too lazy to solder them up. The PGM cart system is just not for me.
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    CAVE PGM conversion audio quality

    Shouldn't be a difference. It's the same hardware as the Cave PCB versions, same caps etc? But I agree that it feels...worse. I had an issue on a PGM convert Espgaluda where "Presented by cave" was extremely scratchy but the rest of it seemed ok. I always get drawn in by cheaper solutions but...
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    hi. everyone. i am yaton

    Welcome, glad you're here to clarify around all the imposters.
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    Joko Re-Introduction, YAJ/Akiba Shopping Service Offer

    I'm happy things worked out. Hopefully Japan opens up this year and will make sure to pay you a visit when time comes. Right, there was some weird sync issue for you. I only ever played it in my Pony 3, so can't unfortunately tell you if Astros and Blasts had any issues. Take care man.
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    Joko Re-Introduction, YAJ/Akiba Shopping Service Offer

    How could I miss your post @Joko3? Wonderful service and thanks for offering it. I hope everything works out for you over there. Did you get that C&D fired up?
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    WTB: Espgaluda

    Bumping In search of Espgaluda. PM me if you have for sale.
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    FS: Some Cave pcbs

    Hmm missed that you're selling Espgaluda. I'm interested should the deal fall through.
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    FS: cave pcb’s & kits, ngdev fast striker full

    I'm confused. Three, four threads about cave pcb's? All different sellers or how many shadow accounts does this guy have?
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    Official: CPS1 (CPS1.5) Multi by Darksoft/Apocalypse - Interest Check Thread

    Will a suicided abc game work as base for this? I assume yes?
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    Streaming equipment

    I'd like to get into streaming my pathetic gaming sessions so I'd like to buy anything related to that. Jamma A/V breakout, upscaler and capture card etc. Ossc 1.6 would be nice. Only EU. Cheers