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    Price/Interest Check: Konami Winning Eleven CP’s “dressed”

    First time selling panels, came off working new versus city. We have to replace panels on 10 other cabs so we wanted to see if we could sell these. Was thinking $100/each plus shipping. Open to suggestions, etc.
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    FS: DE10 nano

    Request sent
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    Harnesses and other adapters by Lemony Vengeance

    @Lemony Vengeance reaching out about harnesses again.
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    K C Game sale

    Going friday
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    (SOLD) CPS3 Darksoft Multi w/ UltraSimms

    Pictures? I'm interested
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    REPRO SEGA, SNK and TAITO Panels

    Pmed about vs. city panels
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    WTB: Turtles In Time

    Still looking?
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    FS: X-Men, TMNT (1989), Simpsons PCBs (Simpson's Sold, Prices lowered)

    Pics included. Will be adding youtube videos later. X-Men: Import. 4P, Needs sound chip repair; Price reduced to reflect repair. $325+shipping Simpsons: 4P, US, Character Select. $400+shipping (SOLD) TMNT: 4P, US w/FBI screen. $325+shipping *12/18/21* Prices reduced for the holidays! Going...
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    Fs: cps3 mobo

    Just curious what all was what. Sent PM
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    Fs: cps3 mobo

    Just the MOBO, no CD drive, no DIMM?
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    FS: CPS3 w/ 3rd Strike US Version; Original Battery, still has seal

    Updating as sold, but leaving for price purposes. Sold for $1,000 locally.