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    An improved JVS-PAC (JVS-PAC 2)

    Still using both mame and mister with jvspac2 as mister doesn't cover all my needs yet I think something like 90% of the mame library isn't yet available to the mister... all the stuff I will never dream buying is mame side
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    hello, I'm looking for a donor please shoot me a pm if someone has a spare, cheers
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    Official Interest list for Namco NA System Multi by Hammy (PCB design by Caius Arcade Repairs & Engineering)

    Hello guys, anyone knows what part reference are TR6 TR7 and TR8 on NA-1 Cosmo Gang ? It's a transistor that's failing on the green video line near the jamma edge, i'd like to replace it but don't know which one to order. It's marked UT6 Found this reference but just want to make sure...
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    Repair Log - Capcom CPS3

    worked fine again ! thanks for the hints, seems my case wasn't as bad as yours
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    Repair Log - Capcom CPS3

    Did some cleaning on the bottom of the pcb, it was filled with white marks, now Third Strike B did complete at 100%, trying again with A. If it doesn't work I will try second impact and try check with multimeter like you did depending on the error message.
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    Repair Log - Capcom CPS3

    thanks, I don't get any error message, just stuck at 85%, however I get onboard : NG when I use the testing utility, nothing special about simms
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    Repair Log - Capcom CPS3

    Well done ! I'm going to try to do the same testing on my side. How did you manage to find which simm slot was defective. In the bios when I go to the flash utility I get a NG message in the onboard when I try to erase is it normal ? All the simms erase well.
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    CPS3 Error 32

    Hello @xodaraP, I have the exact same problem as yours with a cps3 mobo I just bought, with a superbios and scsi2sd setup, simms were working before with another mobo, I put them on this and they asked me to write again, since then, I always get stuck at 85%, did you manage to solve this ?
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    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    Thanks a lot received mine today !
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    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    Thank you guys for all the awesomeness
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    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    I also usually prefer original hardware because if I wanted fpga i'm totally happy with the MiSTer. But that's just basic reasoning. Sometimes it's dogmatic and passionate thinking. For this case fpga usage is limited, I believe I'm just going to trust experienced people for whatever is beyond...