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    Vote: What style M92 Multi would you buy?

    I've been able to buy a Hook at a fair price expecting it would be a donor, because I thought Gunforce were the only games that were difficult to be donors, never been able to get a MT2 after the discussions started about it, and to be honest I couldn't buy a different pcb after each...
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    Choosing the right AES PSU

    Bought a Leicke PSU which gives 9V 3A for my 3-6 AES beefy enough and good quality psu, but needs to have the polarity inverted though with an adapter
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    Toshiba PF picture centering

    It could be a bad wire messing with the controls, had this problem before, changed the cable and everything went fine
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    MiSTer FPGA

    did you play the hdmi color space settings ? I believe there's a difference between full and limited, I read they should give different results
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    An improved JVS-PAC (JVS-PAC 2)

    Not related to JVS, but I think this could be interesting solution in the future, If I was owner of a place with people looking for easy game browsing and forbid interfacing with the setup, I'd definitely look for something like this : View:
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    ATAPI/IDE ODE Testing

    Hey @brizzo any news about that ?
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    MiSTer FPGA

    I have played with the MiSTer and Neo Geo core with 3 games and found inaccuracies in the 3 of them, music gets out of tune in lot of games, as if it struggles to maintain a tempo with wrong speed, for example, the music in Art of Fighting in character selection changes pitch all the time and is...
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    New Namco System 1 Multi Instructions

    Thanks, what files should be burned in the eep-rom ?
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    New Namco System 1 Multi Instructions

    Can you please share the information ? I'm interested to know how you fixed Yokai Dochuki
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    New Namco System 1 Multi Instructions

    Bumping the Yokai Dochuki / Shadowland not working, I have another friend with the exact same issue (blue screen on boot the black screen)
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    New Namco System 1 Multi Instructions

    Hello on my side everything is working except all revisions of Yokai Douchuuki / Shadowland on a Splatterhouse donor. Blue screen then nothing. I have a red message saying please wait for half second then black screen when dipswitch 1 is turned on... anyone having the same problem ? Jumpers are...
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    Name for JVS2JAMMA board

    there are two connectors on the chassis one is set to accept rgb specs and the other is set for vga iirc. You have to connect to the vga one and combine with trisync helper to get the right values
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    New Namco System 1 Multi

    I'm in for 1 !