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    Pre-Order For Capcom Mini Cute Production

    It is a gimmicky cab. It's meant for children, grown adults are going to find that it's not an ideal playing platform. It's a great collector cab, and fits in small spots, maybe it's the way to put one in your home office or whatever. Maybe you just want to collect it because it looks cool...
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    Pre-Order For Capcom Mini Cute Production

    Telling people to not share opinions is gross, don't do that. They're novelty cabs. Everyone understands that. If you want one you want one. There are downsides, they're only practical in the sense that they can fit in some small spots. It's okay to understand that they're not ideal cabs in...
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    Is a Naomi 2 HDMI Port Screen Lag of .15 Seconds a lot and still playable

    A good LCD will lag a CRT by 2ms, it's not really a factor.
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    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    I'm so glad too, I really prefer that over the on screen menu. Having discrete hardware controls just feels better to me. The current MVS system is not my favorite in comparison, even though it's probably a better idea given the size of the Neo Geo library. Not a problem for CPS1.
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    Help chosing astrocity cab

    All things being equal the New Astro City has a better monitor in most people's minds. Fixing color issues is easier than fixing geometry too, generally speaking.
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    Options to rotate jamma stick 180 degrees

    Why would you want to switch 180°? Is there a use case for going back and forth for that? Just can't think of one vs just remounting the stick the other way around. Unless you mean 90° like nem is linking.
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    SOLD: HAS supergun v2

    Fair deal, I'd take it if I didn't already have a HAS. No real need for another. But someone should grab this.
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    Control Panel button remapper??

    Redid the decal, cut it out with a Cricut to get cleaner lines. Don't have any more vinyl so it's on a shipping label sticker for now. Installed knobs. Really pretty pleased with how it looks and feels. Friend is stopping by later to pick it up and help me with the wiring. With covid raging hard...
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    Control Panel button remapper??

    Thanks. :) I really could use a resin printer right now, I'm pushing the limit of the detail an FDM can output, but I re-ran the knobs at a higher quality setting overnight and did a little light sanding and painting, think they're as good as they're gonna get. And frankly more than good...
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    Control Panel button remapper??

    I'm still working on this, getting close to the wiring phase, still working out the details of the control panel label and 3D printing knob designs.
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    Softdrink's New Astro City Restore Log

    Great work. SoCal getting another great looking cab, our power grows!
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    Switching forum software to XenForo

    Gotcha, I'll just chill with my work email until that's hopefully resolved. Appreciate explanation. I'm confused though, why is XenForo retroactively unverifying accounts? I've never seen that before. We're starting to gear up for our transition to using it at Ars, wondering if this something I...
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    Switching forum software to XenForo

    I just got hit by something similar. My email is a .mac domain, and apparently AP can no longer reach it for some reason and disabled my account. After 24 hours of no resolution I just switched my account over to my work email so I could restore it. I don't understand why the forum is disabling...
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    REPRO SEGA, SNK and TAITO Panels

    I just installed LS-40 Seimitsus with an SE plate, works fine. The color is fine, just showing people the difference. Same with the gloss, I don't care. The thickness is definitely disappointing, I'll live with it, but I wouldn't recommend anyone else order without making sure you're getting...