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    Good quality Jamma extension cables ?

    One of the best looking JAMMA extenders I've seen are from this Chinese seller on Taobao but its pretty difficult to by from him and his English is poor so can't sell outside of the platform...
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    US Atomiswave set of cabs

    I'm pretty sure that I have these. I bought a bunch of his Naomi gear a while back and these were included. He has also recently joined the forum @Rugdoctor
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    Name for JVS2JAMMA board

    Correct it is the stock screen. These are Sanwa Electronics BN32H07S LCD units produced in 2007. I have been scouring the internet for any information at all on these, but can't find anything useful. I have even tried using google translate to search Japanese websites with no luck. They do seem...
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    Name for JVS2JAMMA board

    Ok, after spending some more time testing this out it looks like the issues I was experiencing with the audio are caused by the PCB's I was using. My Snow Bros. PCB has a very quiet output and my Strider 2 PCB has lost the background music. So I have a few more things to fix. I was also getting...
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    Name for JVS2JAMMA board

    Yeah, Sorry. I have been tied up with work and haven't had anytime to do anymore testing. I will hopefully get some time this evening and then I'll report back with my findings.
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    System 32 SegaSonic DIY

    Yeah, I think the suggestion is to cover the windows up again to prevent them from erasing again.
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    Who needed an original Super Dragonball Z dongle?

    You're not crazy, I totally remember someone asking for one.
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    BOUNTY: CPS1.5 games (with Q-Sound) on CPS2 multi

    I agree with @twistedsymphony. I don't believe locking down the threads will prevent this kind of thing from happening at all. It will more likely help it to occur by hiding away what was essentially done for the public. If the public doesn't know it exists, you can't blame them for paying for...
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    System 18 background noise

    Another area to check is the 12V supply from the Power Supply. If your power supply is getting old noise will also be introduced in the 12V supply itself. Some PCB seem to be more susceptible to this than others. After re-capping the PSU in my cabinets I noticed a substantial reduction in noise...
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    [FS] NathanDrake's Shop [Update 30/10]

    I have a HDD and dongles for a 369 TT2U out of my dead 369. I doubt It's repairable but also probably not what you're after.
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    Name for JVS2JAMMA board

    Yep, as soon as I get a minute I will.
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    Name for JVS2JAMMA board

    Updated to the latest firmware and did a little more testing tonight. Test and service buttons have no function on any PCB's. Normal controls seem to be working great. I just need to make up some kick harnesses. Still having audio issues but not sure why, Some PCB's work other no audio at all.
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    Name for JVS2JAMMA board

    The monitor is a SANWA BN32H07S but good luck finding any information at all about it. I have spent hours looking for information to no avail. It basically doesn't exist anywhere that I've looked including Yahoo.JP using Katakana search terms. The only thing I know is, it is standard in the 2007...
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    Name for JVS2JAMMA board

    Hey, I managed to give this a quick try today and much to my surprise it worked in my Namco Noir without needing anything to modify the video signal with some PCB's. It was a bit of a hit and miss. Some like Snow Bros. work perfectly where as others wouldn't be detected at all. I didn't get a...
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    Idea for Universal LCD selector Interface PCB

    HNo solder solution, use a probe / grabber aha Nice but those are almost more dangerous than a soldering Iron in the wrong hands :rolleyes: