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    Modeling software for 3D prints

    I definitely recommend Fusion360. Had no prior experience and after watching some youtube tutorials could design things like this:
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    FS: Namco Power Supplies for System10 Medal Games

    I guess I should clarify that the PSU's are not branded Namco (They are Densei Lambda), but the adapter board is. They were sold to me along with other System10 stuff, and I assumed it was used for lights and what other weird shit those medal games use. Basically probably came with the cabs?
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    FS: Namco Power Supplies for System10 Medal Games

    I have three Namco PSU’s and some adapter board that I think were used for their medal games. Look high quality but I live in a 220v country and will never use these. See pics for specs No idea how to price these. 25eur + shipping for everything?
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    Tiny Autofire pcb that fits under a button

    Some minor changes, think I'm mostly done with this design now. Sourcing Atiny85 which the current design uses is uh... gonna mean AliExpress right now it seems due to component shortage, so might change the MCU on some revision I dunno. Either way, features: - Autofire rates are : 60 / 30 / 15...
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    FS: Dogyuun - 900usd

    Lowered to 900usd (was 1000)
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    Axun Workshop - JVS / JAMMA Control-Box(CBOX) SuperGun

    I mean… with the current inflation that seems like not the best idea
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    CAVE CV1000B ; Boots to Black Screen, No Video, No Sound

    IIRC @Hatsune Mike was saying that these issues are pretty commonly due to failing RAM. Replacing the RAM is possible, but needs someone experienced in SMD soldering. (it could ofc also be something else)
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    Tiny Autofire pcb that fits under a button

    Yeah dont get me wrong, it sounds pretty fun
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    Tiny Autofire pcb that fits under a button

    Hahaha thats such a dumb/genius idea that I kindof love it. Wont happen for this project, but would be cool some time. Also this project is not forgotten, but have been busy
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    System Board Y2 general info

    Anyone know if swapping rom boards works on these? I had a broken kof2k2 and bought a working kof2k2 to try to figure out if its the rom-board or mainboard thats busted but uh. - New mobo with new rom-board works - Old mobo with new-romboard does NOT work - New mobo with old rom-board does NOT...
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    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    Do you have pictures of prototypes of these or something cause like... I know I want one of these but don't really know which one.
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    Very ugly repair of ”Mahjong Channel Zoom In”

    Bought a jong pcb for 2000yen that was marked broken. And yeah, heres the problem @caius makes repros of these chips (JK-2) but I didnt really feel like spending 40-ish euros on fixing a game that would only be like 10000yen new. … but I had done such a replacement previously and had the...
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    Mahjong -> Jamma adapters (Interest check)

    Should work, but you need the ST-V specific adapter by Sega as well. One of these: Basically first you plug that in, then you plug this adapter into that, and hook up your panel, then you can...
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    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    I also probably installed the wires wrong (due to following the video guide I guess), which meant one of the cable is very very tight. Guess I should swap them
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    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    I’ll just route this to my hifi system thats in the same room as the cab and turn up the subwoofer then. Whhhoooooommmff