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    FS: Armed Police Batrider Ver B.

    Thank you @djsheep but I've checked and only difference is 2-buttons formations for B ver.? Am I missed something?
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    FS: Armed Police Batrider Ver B.

    OK - I understand that B ver. is more desirable (and cost more) - but why? "B ver allows the player to change the Garegga formations using special joystick and button combinations on cabinets with only 2-buttons" - is this the only difference compared to the original version? What is japan...
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    [FS] Fighting Layer Tekken others

    Croquis and Bank Panic sold Tekken 3 added
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    (SOLD) HAS 4.1

    Superb piece of hardware for great price :thumbsup: Buyer will be delighted!
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    ESP.RA.DE graphic glitch.

    My ESP Ra.De. board (int.ver.) has the same (life bars bullets/bonus items sometimes flicker or disappear and reappear during big exposions) Afik ESP Ra.De. boards gfx issues are normal
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    Positive Feedback for Hammy

    @Hammy repaired another few boards for me. Wise, friendly guy - excellent communication. Has to be said again - a great service from start to finish!
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    [NEW BUNDLE AVAILABLE] SEGA Naomi - Customized Compact Flash cards and labels for sale

    Those carts looking great :thumbup: and working fine (I've tested few).
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    Positve feedback for Tailsnic Retroworks

    @Tailsnic Retroworks - great seller here. :thumbup: Items as described, well packaged, fast shipment Really friendly/helpful guy!!
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    Outrun pcb video connector/plug

    Thanks :thumbup:
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    Outrun pcb video connector/plug

    Need help identifying outrun pcb 6 pins rgb connector/plug type. What kind of connector is it? Thank you
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    Jaleco Pony Mark 3 - screen protection glass replacment

    local glass company - good idea - I'll start with this. Fortunately, the Pony Mark tined temperd glass has no holes. border around the glass - I have an idea to bring it to a company that sticks car windows or to a printing company that can print directly on glass. If that will fail - I'll...
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    Jaleco Pony Mark 3 - screen protection glass replacment

    I decided to replace Pony Mark III monitor protection glass (has faw minor scratches, but one quite deep crack) I have a request for advice. What kind of glass is it? It seems slightly dimmed, but is it polarized as well? Does anyone manufacture replacements this days? Thank you for any help.