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    Xed and Mirko repro Monkeyball banana and harness

    Bravo, I slept on this thread and missed out on batch 1. Registered interest for batch 2. Fantastic work, ya'll.
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    Blast City Cleanup/Restore - Stringbean

    That's incredible that you were able to get those things re-plated, but i'm BLOWN AWAY that you got someone to agree to replate the FASTENERS. You probably got a steal on labor.
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    Crimping pins and making harnesses - a tutorial

    Rad, I'm going to give the Hozan a shot. Luckily the terminals are cheap enough for some experimentation. I initially bought some of those pre-insulated ones and concur that they are straight garbage. Really hard to get a good crimp without also destroying the insulation. Even if it's just for...
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    Crimping pins and making harnesses - a tutorial

    do you have any recommendations for crimping your preferred style of QDC connectors? I have the Hozan P706 and a cheapo IWISS for the knockoff 'duPont' connectors. I think the Hozan might handle them but wondering if there any any other unofficial tools for the job.
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    Blast City Speaker Replacement

    If they are 8 Ohm speakers, you can wire each speaker in the box up in parallel instead of in series (the default wiring).
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    SpikeOut in a Net City

    Hey Tony, I have a Spikeout instruction card. I found it in the back of my blast city and I have no use for it. Interested? I'd send it your way, sandwiched in some cardboard.
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    Blast City Cleanup/Restore - Stringbean

    Originally the parts are yellowish due to their anti-corrosive layer, known as yellow zinc. This layer is really thin and can even be stripped mechanically with a wire brush if you're not careful (speaking from experience). Your vinegar soak removed it along with the actual corrosion. Kind of...
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    Blast City/ Bass Fishing

    They are tight squeeze but you _can_ get them in. In my experience, I did so with the back half of the cabinet removed. Some folks bend up the mounting brackets to avoid removing the back, but that's not my style. edit: Probably goes without saying, but make sure you have the alignment just...
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    Blast City/ Bass Fishing

    Nice work! Are those the Aurasound NS2x3-184-4A? That's what I used for my speaker rebuild! Quite pleased with the result.
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    SOLD: Blast City on East Coast

    Great deal. @stringbean is right on the money; the full disassembly and cleaning is at least a dozen hours of labor if you're doing it the first time. It took me a whole lot longer because I was super thorough and generally took my time. Had to laugh at the yaton spray job. I had to buy a...
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    Dishwashing PCBs

    I'm with you Mike, really gross to be putting something like that in a device meant to be cleaning your dishes. Another really important thing to consider is that most ovens are really terrible at maintaining low temperatures. They have to run their heating elements at a low duty cycle so you...
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    Tanglewood physical copy and ROM image

    I'm personally 100% fine with a game being "easy" but I suppose that's a personal choice. I'd much rather have a game with character and heart, that is maybe not super-challenging but is a joy to play over a mediocre game that has the difficulty cranked up for no reason other than to make the...
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    Blast City/ Bass Fishing

    Is this the one that's been on ebay for a bit? Nice get. Good luck with the refurb :) That thing looks pretty nasty, but I'm sure you can clean up nice. Unless you know for sure it's soda already, I wouldn't be too sure. If that thing was stored out in a garage or shed, there's a non-zero...
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    Connector part numbers

    No, but I can't help but fall into the trap of buying more than I need... it just felt so wasteful to ship like 40 of them. "What if I need more in the future" is a lie I consistently tell myself.
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    Connector part numbers

    Thanks for the responses and thanks for the offer @everten. I reached out to LCSC because a buddy realized their weight estimates were way off. They were estimating 1000 crimp terminals as weighing 1.4kg total, but in actuality, it's closer to 200g. They fixed the issue on their end and now...