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    Reading 64mbit C-ROMs

    Just to close the loop here, @alexcom was right. Transferring the roms to a BK1 board fixed the issue: Then I had another issue where some of the voice samples were playing back as static. Some continuity checking revealed that one of the address lines of V4 wasn't connected to the bus on...
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    Supergun Sync Issues

    Does your BNC cable include a built-in sync stripper? You probably don't want that, as you want to just pass through the CSYNC signal from the minigun. (Might also explain why that cable works for other consoles?)
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    Reading 64mbit C-ROMs

    Thanks for the reply, @alexcom ! I had heard that the encrypted P1s on the SF1 boards would fail sometimes. I've already ordered a BK1 board and will try to move the ROMs over and see if that fixes it. I was worried that it wasn't a code problem, because the game still boots and works up...
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    Reading 64mbit C-ROMs

    Hey there - Apologies if this has been answered before... I did a search and couldn't exactly find my answer. I'm trying to diagnose a KOF98 (PROGSF1+CHA512Y), and I'm trying to determine whether my C-ROMs are okay. I de-soldered all of them, but I don't know how to fully check them against a...
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    Positive Feedback for nonosto

    Bought a set of cps2 roms from nonosto. Everything was packed well and the roms are all in great condition! Nonosto was very responsive throughout the entire transaction. Thanks!
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    jumpers settings help needed

    I certainly can’t take credit for that sheet. I got it from this incredibly useful post: The Definitive Guide to CPS2 Conversions Definitely recommend checking that out if you’re interested in jumper settings!
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    jumpers settings help needed

    This is the chart I use for jumper settings:
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    FS: Lots of PCBs & Carts!

    PM sent about the D&D Towers of Doom!
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    SNES to Neo-Geo controller adapters

    Built one of these this weekend. Works great! Thanks again, @Frank_fjs and @Arthrimus Mounted the SNES port vertically, mostly because it was easier for me, but also partly because I was running out of horizontal room in the space the board was in.
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    Hi from California!

    Welcome, fellow Californian, and fellow Capcom Fan! :)
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    [FIXED] CPS-2, Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha (Green)

    Thanks, @rewrite you were totally correct! I wicked away all of the solder from the infinikey install and just completely redid it. I double-checked the game code on it, and it was correct, but maybe the connection to the board was bad. I verified the connection by doing a continuity check...
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    [FIXED] CPS-2, Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha (Green)

    Thanks for the response! Gave that a shot last night. Unfortunately, still got a black/grey screen. Weirdly, sometimes I saw a green screen as well. Next I'll try to use the multimeter to see if power is getting to various parts of the board.
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    SEGA Saturn to Neo-Geo controller adapters

    Built one of these this weekend, works great! Thanks for putting this out there! @Frank_fjs @Arthrimus
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    [FIXED] CPS-2, Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha (Green)

    Hello, I'm definitely a beginner so please bear with me. I've had this Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha CPS-2 B Board from JPN for a while now. It currently just sits at a black screen when I power on. No sounds can be heard, just a black/grey screen. Some facts about it: It WAS working for me...
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    Hello From Orange County Cali!

    Welcome, fellow OC resident!