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    NAOMI 2/Chihiro/Triforce Card Reader Emulator (Initial D3/WMMT/Mario Kart/F-ZERO AX)

    They won't, the Ghost Squad cards are the hard plastic type that aren't printed on directly, unlike the ID1-3 cards.
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    Pre-Order For Mini Cute Production

    @g60hot is legit and knows what he's doing, there are many people in the UK scene who have bought cabs from him. He's just not easy to get ahold of sometimes, but he won't screw people over.
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    GS Containers: Rare cabinet container (CHUNI, DRS, HD DDR, WACCA, etc.)

    Poogie has broken maybe 3 times since that branch of Arcade Club opened because of people fucking around with the machine. It's got stickers on it telling people not to grab the ears and use the bum instead, but still they keep it near the front door and reception desk where staff can watch it.
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    Fixing a dead Ketsui PCB

    Your video's broken btw, says "video unavailable" for me even on Youtube's site itself.
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    Dark Staker 3 for CPS2??

    Funny you mention the PS2 version, it was briefly looked at by @strygo recently as part of their digging into the Street Fighter Alpha Anthology, and they reckon the PS2 Darkstalkers collection is built on the same engine, so I wonder if any of the same findings could be applied to VS: Street...
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    Dark Staker 3 for CPS2??

    I don't know if that would be possible, as the reported reason for both Savior 2 and Hunter 2 existing in the first place is because they couldn't fit all characters into the graphics ROM. No such restriction on CD space, hence the PS1 Darkstalkers 3. I wonder if it would be possible with 2020...
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    Neotris, a new game for Neo Geo (tetris-like with 4P mode)

    That's great work, congrats! Can you tell us more about the 4P multitap? How are you handling four player's worth of inputs on the NG's 2 ports, what was the process like to figure it out? That's a whole level above just making the game!
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    Greetings From Amsterdam

    Oh yeah, hookers literally 4 feet away on the other side of the street and all around the outside of the church, definitely something to see ;) Blast Galaxy was the other arcade I couldn't think of! Our holiday dates didn't align with its opening times but it looks ace :D
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    Greetings From Amsterdam

    Welcome! I love Amsterdam, it's got some cool arcades (TonTon Club Centrum is cool, wasn't able to check out the one on the north side of the river though!) and, well, good coffee shops of all kinds indeed :)
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    Capcom Fighting Allstars what is known?

    A friend in games publishing played a build of this at Capcom UK many, many years ago when it was still in development, probably not long before it was canned. It can't have been very good as it didn't leave much of an impression - he didn't have much to say about it other than it was "alright"...
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    Esp Ra.De switch ROM extraction?

    Yeah, the fact it's M2 makes me lean towards it being (extremely good) emulation as well, with their internal emulator just having lots and lots of hooks to do all the gadgets around the sides. It's just the way they tend to do things, they want to emulate the hardware slowdown as accurately as...
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    Latest news on Atomiswave 2 Naomi

    They're not fake, people are certainly playing them and uploading new footage of the two games. The link I saw was on, so could be hard to track down who it was.
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    Mini Cute Arcade Cabinet

    That's pretty incredible. The average person would have no idea it wasn't an original.
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    Fake Arcade-projects Twitter Account

    The X3 multi info isn't fake though? If they've faked it, they've put a stupid amount of effort into it for nothing, because they're not selling the info or anything like that, it's all on Github. But the AP digs are silly.
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    Is house of the dead compatible in any other cabinet

    There wasn't a single standard that all arcade devs adhered to when it came to lightguns. Sega had their own thing that changed as new generations came out, Namco did their own thing that also evolved, Namco and Sega working together (Ninja Assault) did yet another thing, Konami did their own...