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    Astro City Mini - Hardware Modifications

    Documenting potential hardware modification ideas for the Astro City Mini and other mini variants. Using this thread to get input on design and feasibility. Project Idea - Use the Astro City Mini to mirror the display from a real arcade cabinet. The real arcade will have a JAMMA inline PCB...
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    Hello from SoCal. Diving back in, after a long absence :)

    @fatherpain Thanks for hosting such a fantastic meetup. It was great catching up with friends after such a long time, and meeting some new people as well. Can't believe you added a Commando to your lineup, as if the arcade needed to get any more awesome. Pretty pumped that just as we are...
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    Hello from SoCal. Diving back in, after a long absence :)

    Thanks to @fatherpain I discovered several games I knew the names of but never got a chance to really enjoy. Anytime I would find the game in the wild it would be either a busted ass cab or emulated. His cabs are all pristine examples of how the games were intended to be played. Really glad to...
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    New CRT monitor purchases as of May 2021 - Do you know any good sites?

    Oh right, if you already have a NNC with a monitor, then you got the chassis part solved. The DY you could reuse, but I had had pretty bad luck getting the stock NNC DY to work with other tubes. (A68LZU185X) - I must have tried it on 3 different 29" tubes and could always get close but the...
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    New CRT monitor purchases as of May 2021 - Do you know any good sites?

    If you want a really high quality replacement monitor for the NNC you have to build one up yourself. Its a process of hunting down a PFX or Toshiba chassis while at the same time doing your tube homework. There are several flat 29" tube #s that will work for the NNC, each of those tubes #'s will...
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    Hello from SoCal. Diving back in, after a long absence :)

    Glad the arcade is still lookin tops. Can't wait for another meetup!
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    Today I worked on lots o’ cabs!

    That Salamander cab with the early Konami logo looks amazing. You are working on some really cool cabs, color me jealous. Looks like you got that monitor pretty dialed in so nice job! Keep the progress pics coming.
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    Today I worked on lots o’ cabs!

    Those Ice Cold Beer cabs are super interesting. I had never seen that playfield or side-art before. So much better than the plain yellow beer mug playfield. Glad you were able to save those gems, I am sure you will get them looking great.
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    Sinden Light Gun OSSC+Arcade Support

    It looks like in this video they are already using the OSSC to draw the boarder. Then its some conga line of RasberryPi and Arduino to get the Light Gun into the PS2 input.
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    Toshiba PF D29C051 Firmware dump?

    Had some time so whipped up the adapter board. Going to get a few of these made and try dumping some chips.
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    Toshiba PF D29C051 Firmware dump?

    Toshiba PF Monitor chassis micro controllers: PB9929 Chassis -TMP87CK38N PD2367 Chassis -TMP87CM38NG 1843 Chassis -TMP87CM38N-5NF5 PE0493 Chassis -TMP88PS38BNG TMP87CM38NG ---------- ROM-32K bytes RAM-1K bytes For a replacement, it looks like you would want to use the OTP variant...
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    PlayStation 2 OPL+SMB

    I wonder if you can solve your corruption issue by switching to a read-only file system.
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    Toshiba Pure Flat D29C051 Questions

    When I got my NNC that part was also broken loose and was missing. Good thing I cleaned the cab before using it because I found that part just sitting loose on the monitor chassis. Give the monitor chassis a close inspection, you may get lucky and find it like I did. I think it does have some...
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    Backporch: a Swiss tool for classic consoles connectivity

    Impressive amount of documentation, nice project.
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    Positive feedback for quadratic

    I bought an E3 IL panel off @quadratic - great communication, fast shipping, really reasonable price on a super rare item. The IL panel was double boxed and wrapped in foam, very well protected and arrived in perfect shape.