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    CRT degausing coil attachment

    Thanks guys. I shall investigate.
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    CRT degausing coil attachment

    I have an Operation Thunderbolt cabinet that came with a dead monitor. As luck would have it, I had an old Loewe Calida 5072 4:3 72cm TV in the shed. After removing the plastic shell it was an almost perfect fit for the cabinet. The only issue is that Thunderbolt mounts the TV horizontally...
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    Ring Edge 2 replacement fan size?

    Just wanted to thank @Dreygor for the list of fan sizes. I have just finished replacing all 3 fans in my RE2 and couldn't be happier. It's whisper quiet now! Not exactly cheap, but the result is awesome.
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    Virtua Tennis 4

    Found one. Thanks everyone.
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    Virtua Tennis 4

    Anyone got a Virtua Tennis 4 keychip [SBWX] that they would be willing to sell/loan/donate?
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    Pharoahs Treasure

    Hi, I've just purchased a Pharoahs Treasure coin pusher. The unit powers on, but displays "HLP 001" on one side and "033 Err" on another. I've found the service manual here...
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    I believe the game is HORUKA x TORUKA.
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    Lindbergh VBIOS Update DVD

    Fantastic, thanks @super56k - that's great information!
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    FT: Lindbergh DVDs

    Added ID5 disk to the list.
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    WTB: Lindbergh Blue CF

    I'm looking for a Lindbergh Blue CF card. These are 512MB (rather than the 128MB Lindbergh Yellow ones). Anyone got one? I guess I would be interested in an entire blue system if it included the card. Edit: Card number is MDA-C0031.
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    FT: Lindbergh DVDs

    I have a couple of extra Lindbergh game disks. If you want one, let me know which Lindbergh disks(s) you have to trade. 1x DVP-0019D Inital D Arcade Stage 4 2x DVP-0008A Virtua Fighter 5 1x DVP-0070A Initial D Arcade Stage 5 Yeah... somehow I ended up with 3 copies of VF5. Edit: Added ID5
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    Lindbergh silver satellite question - vf5fs

    Based on your other settings, probably But set it whatever your gateway router ip is.
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    Lindbergh silver satellite question - vf5fs

    I would try setting the gateway in your network settings.
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    Lindbergh 7800gs video card v5.71

    Bump. Still looking for one of these.