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    Battletoads PCB NOT WORKING

    the ossc isn’t getting a sync signal, or your tv isn’t showing anything? Can you hear audio out the 3.5mm jack of the ossc to figure out if it’s booting but just playing blind?
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    In this thread we build the projects that others have shared

    Looks great! Makes me wanna build a new one. Btw I didn’t see one in any photos so don't forget to print yourself a jamma key!
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    Welcome to Woostah, Dollah Twenty Fayve please.

    Welcome local!
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    Best A Board fan replacement? many ideas, last couple pages have recent product links
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    WTB sega st-v darksoft multi they restock these a couple times a year about. Worth keeping an eye there and on the forum. Or now if you can’t wait, though international
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    My CPS2 board has issues. Should I still install the kit?

    View: Old video but the concepts are in there. For any chip you can look up the pinout online to see which pins are gnd and which are 5v. But you don’t even need to do that… cps2 is probably in a shell anyway. Just touch your probe tips to pin 1 and 3 of the jamma...
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    My CPS2 board has issues. Should I still install the kit?

    Under load means the pcb is plugged in. Just making sure you’re doing it right. You plugged in the pcb to your supergun, turned on the power, and ready 5.0x volts off the GND and 5v jamma pins (e.g. 1 and 3) using a multimeter? if you measured 5.09 from the supergun before plugging in the pcb...
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    kuze's Sale Thread [MVS Carts, Some PCBs, + Other Goodies!]

    Shipped fast. Great seller. A++++
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    My CPS2 board has issues. Should I still install the kit?

    Still sounds like low power to me (freezing/booting issues), and just a loose connection between A and B board (vertical lines). What is the voltage on the jamma edge under load? Are you booting these in their plastic shells? Are they super tight?
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    Multi Irem M92

    Gunforce is easier to get for the reason mentioned above. It is difficult to convert to any other game, and unlikely as a multi-candidate.
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    Multi Irem M92

    This is what it takes to convert Gunforce to another game: Any other game is much easier to convert. It’s just rom and jumper swaps basically. So we all do agree it is more likely the multi...
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    Installing Darksoft on Phoenix’ed B board

    For posterity, @VenomXL was local so we got this one solved :thumbup: pretty sure the program board just needed a good shove, but I did give every pin a little extra pressure. That did the trick.