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    Astro City Side Art

    Also anyone who is interested, feel free to make me an offer. $50 is what I paid, but id rather someone have this extra set that needs them for less than sitting in my closet.
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    Astro City Side Art

    :thumbup: Give this a quick read, pretty interesting stuff on how this set was created.
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    Astro City Side Art

    No, this set does not, there is another member here who offers those. I have a set of his and they are nice, the color is diffrent between the two. His green has a bit more yellow in it while this set is a bit deeper green.
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    Astro City Side Art

    New "Zona Arcade" side art. Old school production method. $50.00 + ship in the US.
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    Super Neo 29 type 2 restore

    Any more pictures and news of this project?
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    FS: Dave's Arcade Storage Bin Pulls Updated 7.13.2021

    Any pics of the egret 2s yet?
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    IC: Sega Swing & Taito Egret 29 Marquee repros

    @Derick2k Hey guys, interested in the egret29 marquee. Did these ever get made?
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    Looking for a Taito Egret 29 Marquee - Used or Repro

    Need an Egret29 Marquee - Used or Repro. Please let me know if you have one for sale or if you can connect me with someone who does. Thanks!
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    IC: Repro Forgotten world panel Oct.8th.2021 updated

    Yep! I was thinking to make things easier I believe most panels are stainless steel so maybe it wouldnt be a stretch to just cut the shape, then slap on a egre29 graphic like a blast/egret2 panel has. Boom done! Better than nothing, which is what I have now hah!
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    IC: Repro Forgotten world panel Oct.8th.2021 updated

    Alberto, for the egret29 what about making a regular steel control panel in the correct shape and doing a graphic overlay similar to other panels. I know it would be not accurate to the original, but at least it would be something for those that have nothing. I would be interested in something...
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    IC: Repro Forgotten world panel Oct.8th.2021 updated

    Find a way Alberto!!! I need one too if you can figure it out.
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    Sega Astro City Restoration

    Pretty low tech here, just get 3 short strips of RGB led lights and mount them under the buttons so the light shines up. Run the power out the back our a power strip in the cab.
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    Astro City Side Arts Re-Production ( Original Neon Green )

    Great news, I have a pre-order set in with you I purchased from your site. Will you be contacting us with tracking etc? Thanks
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    FS: Egret 2 Screenprinted Metallic UV ink REAL SILVER Repro art

    Hey Hursit, what is the status on the new astro city side arts?