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    GD's sellin' stuff: PVMs, Pacmania, Lots'o console stuff, etc etc

    Updated with pics of the megadrive bundle and Nes/Snes stuff, as well as pending things since I've gotten a few PMs already. Forgot to mention about the megadrive bundle: I'm including the rest of the 32x stuff I found, plus the pack-in version of Sonic CD. Not pictured since I found it after I...
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    GD's sellin' stuff: PVMs, Pacmania, Lots'o console stuff, etc etc

    Hello AP! Sold a couple of things here before, but I've been contemplating listing a bunch of stuff that's kinda just been collecting dust since last year and I figured the only way it's gonna move is if I actually post it instead of just thinking about it lol. Thread is titled the way it is so...
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    You're getting a KC cab, but you're in Massachusetts? I don't know if you've already locked in the wad of cash it's gonna cost for shipping, but there is an importer in South Carolina that I've had good dealings with who can get you either of these cabs. Feel free to PM me and I'll give you all...
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    Just to add since they said they were "Getting a cab soon": you'll want to ensure your cabinet is wired for JAMMA to use this. You'll probably be a little hard-pressed to find one that isn't, but we're not sure what cab you're getting and stranger things have happened :P This board is also...
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    It's my lucky day?

    Not to jump in the middle of things; it's your items/money so at the end of the day it's your call... ....but how does one **accidentally** pack something with assorted chip bags??? Based on those pics, that was a deliberately shit packing job lol. Too little bubble wrap: Ok. god damn chip...
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    Pre-Order For Mini Cute Production

    I'm not really a part of the project/only been following this thread from the sidelines, but I would try and reach out to cereth if you're really interested and see if there's still one of those last remaining straggler cabs left that have been ghosting them on finalizing their purchase.
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    Axun Workshop - JAMMA Extractor (JAMMA Capture/Streaming Adapter)

    I would second that more work+testing should be done before anyone sends their boards out to anyone, though. Sounds like even more headache to ask folks to send their second boards off for a fix when we're not even sure if those few resistors are going to be the only changes necessary for better...
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    Switch crapping the bed.

    they're probably just on there tight; MAYBE soldered on, but I would kinda doubt it. Worst case scenario just snip the wires and re-wire a new switch completely. you can get the same kind of rocker from a local hardware store for pennies.
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    Axun Workshop - JAMMA Extractor (JAMMA Capture/Streaming Adapter)

    I'm sorry, I haven't been closely monitoring the thread past the initial brightness complaints with the first revision. I just got the "2.0" version in the main the other day; thank you for that by the way...but from what I'm reading now, this new version ALSO needs certain resistors replaced to...
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    naomi VGA cable missing pin?

    I mean, whenever I set up my naomi, I just use whatever VGA cable I've got lying around lol. Never had any issues.
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    Console JAMMAizer! Easily connect home consoles to your JAMMA arcade cabinet.

    Nope. It takes a little configuring in fightcade/fbneo to lock into the correct super res, but I've never once had an issue with losing sync mid-match. I WILL say that some programs are weird with arecadeOSD/Emudriver and they'll override whatever video setting you have by force to whatever...
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    Console JAMMAizer! Easily connect home consoles to your JAMMA arcade cabinet.

    I've actually been doing the CRTEmudriver/ArcadeOSD > Jammaizer for awhile- any way to get some pictures of how things look on-screen through your setup? Also, have there been any good write-ups on any added lag from the GBSC? Only looked into the GBSC from over the fence so I havent delved too...
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    K C Game sale

    just scroll up a bit. He's posted this same image before.
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    I'm building A Street Fighter V: Type Arcade Arcade Machine!!!! (Ideas, Pictures and Progress Inside)

    This is definitely a weird situation to be in. Don't really want to butt-in in any major way, but I do think it's worth noting that both options could technically be ideal for our friend OP here, and it's probably good that they're aware of both! :)...
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    FS: Blast City 1L6B control panel for Astro City 1L6B

    Bumping for the added lore: opt2not hooked me up with the first trade and this used to be my panel! :P I was looking to do something out of the ordinary and didn't want to trash a perfectly good OG panel that I knew someone else would appreciate. They reached out and we swapped- hooked me up...