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    NAC Splitfire: JAMMA streaming solution

    Finally got a status update from Mouser - basically, I need to receive these parts, then mail them to the factory so they can do turnkey assembly. It has almost half a year waiting for these parts! Holy shit! Other parts are estimated to arrive mid-may, but I might just have them send that...
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    Nanao MS8-29FSG sparks when plugged on & screen doesn't show any game images.

    I'm well aware of the H.S. Lim pot, and wouldn't have posted what I wrote if I didn't mean it. You are looking at a ~0.4mH horizontal winding on the MS8 yoke while the MS9 yoke is about 0.33mH. The MS9 has a greater range of adjustment than the MS8 overall, but this particular situation can...
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    Nanao MS9 Horizontal Size not Filling Screen

    Somehow I missed the original focus of the thread. On an MS8-29 yoke, the MS9-29 will never be as wide. The corners are the last thing to adjust because they have some headroom from the parabola applied using Q508; away from the corners, the width is already at its limit. You can cheat and raise...
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    Nanao MS8-29FSG sparks when plugged on & screen doesn't show any game images.

    I don't know how you are spending $1000 when your monitor breaks MS8-29 yoke "works" with the MS9, but the width will forever be a little lower, and for some games with narrow rasters (Ninja-Kun II, Air Buster, etc) they will never fill the screen properly without pincushion distortion, even...
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    Nanao MS8-29FSG sparks when plugged on & screen doesn't show any game images.

    That looks like a normal MS8-29 yoke to me, but it's been a while.
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    Damaged my Nanao MS9-29. Help needed

    Naomi doesn't support 24k. In connecting the N/W jumper to TPE you may have damaged the HOT, or the protection circuit. TP3 connects to U501, and I believe is supposed to be a test point for checking the protection. That signal runs down by U550 as well, which may have become damaged.
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    Universal JAMMA versus kit

    The factory has had my designs under review for a very long time now. I suspect they are themselves dealing with a very long pipeline of work.
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    Nanao MS9-29 enhancement hacks

    In a bit I'm going to put together a really simple shopping list for populating the G1 section and enhance the guide with more pictures.
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    Nanao MS9-29 enhancement hacks

    I did a writeup on a few things you can do to get the most out of your MS9, including Placing a negative voltage on G1 like the MS8 for improved sharpness, and Modifying the chassis to run at 31KHz for Naomi, etc. Stay sharp!
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    Nanao MS9 Horizontal Size not Filling Screen

    If the pincushion adjustment and width controls basically don't work replace Q508.
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    Dishwashing PCBs

    Using the dishwasher is a moron method. Setting aside damage from water / contaminent ingress, it's massively overkill, and also I don't feel great about putting something full of lead solder in the same dishwasher as I'd use for dishes. If your PCB isn't too dirty, then just wipe parts with...
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    Nanao ms-2931 buzz (fixed!)

    Fridge magnets are not the right material. You need a small bit of permalloy insulted on the end of a strip. For these strips I just make my own.
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    MS9-29 bizarre interference / noise

    Fixed! This chassis was entirely missing the X capacitors in the primary section. Transplanted them from a dead parts chassis, and it's rock solid now. no more 60Hz ripple, no more switching power interference. Original Post: I'm stumped with this chassis. No matter what I've tried, there's...
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    Bubble Bobble Free Play patch

    Got this going today:
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    NNC Toshiba PF colors unbalanced

    If the colors bleed when the gains go up, first turn the biases down for all channels, and bring up the flyback Screen / G2 control until you can see the black area, then back off a bit. This might give you more usable range, in case the streaking you are seeing is peaking during...