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    Ghost Squad (Sega Chihiro) with everything unlocked.

    It'd be nice for Ghost Squad arcade machine owners to have a hacked version that unlocks all the content locked behind a card reader (pretty much like with Ghost Squad Evolution on Lindbergh). This would help ops running this game on location so we don't have to deal with anything card reader...
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    Namco System 246 emulation on PCSX2

    If you can send the TLCS-870 MCU to a decapping service to dump the internal rom, then yes it would be helpful. C448 is known to be some interface between two different CPUs. It's also found on some System 12 addon boards for the main cpu to communicate its additional cpu located on the addon...
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    Interest check: FRAM to DALLAS / ST pinout circuit boards for Konami suicide batteries

    I believe this person did something similar: View: Most Konami games only check the first sixteen bytes of the timekeeper from 0x0->0xF with a 16-bit checksum at 0xE-?0xF. While it wasn't really difficult to figure out the significance of how those...
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    Crisis Zone IR led replacement tests - Work in progress

    I forgot to mention that the Rays pcb, with an SH-4 processor, is susceptible to BGA related issues with some solder joints becoming loose (most likely failure to communicate with main board or unresponsive inputs). On the other hand, this is rather a bit of a smaller scale BGA issue compared to...
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    Crisis Zone IR led replacement tests - Work in progress

    I see the gun in the picture isn't a original Namco gun but instead that "named/nameo chinese aftermarket gun. It looks all used as opposed to new. I wonder where you got that gun from? What you did would be beneficial to any Japanese Time Crisis 3 owners that have trouble finding those original...
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    Arcade games that support an optional, unique second screen

    The manual for Lethal Enforcers 3 verifies this. The video card itself has a VGA and DVI video port with the DVI port consisting of a DVI to VGA adapter. Alternatively, one could use a basic DVI to VGA cable without the need for an adapter. Gundam Spirits of Zeon's executable opens some super...
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    Arcade games that support an optional, unique second screen

    Hang Pilot by Konami has two screens stacked vertically for a panoramic view (fed by two separate video boards). Playing that game without the sophisticated cabinet controls requires wiring two potentiometers and patching the made program code to bypass all lock/unlock/motor related errors...
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    Time crisis 4 working on standar system 256?

    Game communicates with an I/O board over JVS so theoretically any JVS board with analog control support will work unless Time Crisis 4 has additional checks to only work with specific I/O boards. By default, the game uses those OMZ IR guns (commonly known as Sega Type 2) to output 5v analog...
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    How do rear projection light gun games work?

    You could use this for JVS based systems in the future because of custom JVS interfaces like OpenJVS used to communicate with actual hardware. No idea how long that would take for Sinden compatibility. @bobbydilley ? Not much has been looked into for this situation due to how wonky optical...
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    Sega Rally 1

    And the first thing you should do is clean every pcb possible and check the fans.
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    Setup Time Crisis 3

    Not much of these were produced. Only Japanese Time Crisis 3 machines and all Vampire Night machines used those (with the latter being very rare). There is also an SD version of this IR emitter and it's not known if a DX emitter works in an SD cab and vice versa. My guess is the emitter itself...
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    Konami GX System issue

    ^ This The larger one is custom '051550' responsible for handling some inputs. Replacements for that custom do exist since it's been reproduced. The smaller one is a serial eeprom, er5911, responsible for saving game settings. Be sure to hold the test button down after installing a new one to...
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    Greetings from the 'burg, South Carolina

    Oh crap I'm late and didn't notice. Welcome friend.
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    WTB: Nanao MS9 Chassis

    Swapped a bunch of components (flyback, vertical sync IC, horizontal deflection IC), tested HOT, replaced the mofset. Chassis worked fine plugged in from a Motocross Go cab until I unplugged the chassis (from the power plug at the chassis) while the cab was powered on. A voltage arc happened...
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    WTB: Nanao MS9 Chassis

    I feel the only way I can repair my dead MS9 is by swapping parts from another. My suspect bad component is transformer T901 in the power section.