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    TTx2 + Sega JVS I/O

    Just curious why you are using this I/O Bd rather than standard JVS. We only used this I/O Bd with games that used a motor drive system to inface with that system.
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    Sega Rally 2 weak force feedback

    Dip switch settings for force feedback strength are on DS bank 1 on the Drive Control Bd. All off = weak and all on = strong. Good luck finding a manual that shows this. Closest I could find was a Super GT manual showing it.
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    Preparing a Hikaru BGA Chip for Re-installation

    I just want to say very well done so far. I am glad to see you picking this up. I was the last of three people that worked on these in the world and I stopped doing these a couple years ago. I will still do reflows for opens but that it now. Everything you are doing so far is dead on perfect...