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    hello from korea.

    About time you showed up, we were waiting for you!
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    MiSTerAddons MiSTercade - MiSTer for JAMMA cabinets

    Not by design. He ran out of time and shipped. He offered partial refunds.
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    Painting Sega Candy Cabs

    retrobrite, yes I've done this to plenty of my consoles, and they always turn back yellow a month later.
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    Painting Sega Candy Cabs

    Debating this myself. The cab sure would look good candy white instead of piss yellow.
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    Nanao MS2933 parts

    Pulled another cap outa circuit and measured it that was listed as the same value that I need, this is what I get. Now to find a proper size.
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    Multiple PCBs in one candy

    Oh I thought you were referencing the rails. Yes you should always carry a bag of those feet :)
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    Multiple PCBs in one candy

    Got a link to these L shaped holders? I've been wanting to mount some boards to a board and have the metal C shaped metal slider rails that they go into in a cabinet but don't know what they are called or who would sell them.
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    Multiple PCBs in one candy

    Depends on the candy. The vewlix would have room for more boards if the middle horizontal plank board was removed and boards were stored vertically but it would depend on the length of the boards in question. If you mean a blast city or astro, you have to contend with power supply in the way...
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    Multiple PCBs in one candy

    Check out riddledtv jamma switchers as noted by jassin. He can answer all of your questions. Also, as noted above, space is the biggest concern. If you feel you can fit those boards in a single space while also housing the rats nests of wires...
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    Vewlix Sub Panels - 2022

    Are the panels from @jermz1 no longer available? They are great!
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    Sega New Versus City Restoration

    The purpose of me sending them was to paint my cab and to have them reproduced for me and everyone else to have. You can check out Joeks website for the sale.
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    Sega New Versus City Restoration

    Those look fantastic! I'll have some big posts soon. Lots going on behind scenes. Didn't wanna clog up the thread with small updates. Waiting on a few things to come together here soon before I break out the news. :)
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    Sega New Versus City Restoration

    Trying to work out monitor issues here before putting back together.
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    I think HAMMY said 10mhz was the sweet spot. I know you need the clock but do you also need to replace a 6800? I might have some 10mhz 6800.