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    Neo Geo CD Controller conversion

    have a look here , but it seems to use a 3d printed part
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    [OPEN SOURCE] 315-5242 colour encoder reproduction

    Wow Thanks for making this available to anyone !
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    ST-V Motherboards SEGA Problem

    Most probably the slave SH2 needing a reflow. Try doing the slave communication test with the extended service menu (pushing Test or service when powering the pcb)
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    Jamma Sync adjustment PCB for non-arcade monitors (2 solutions inside)

    Funny , i just found out about this thread :P Yesterday, i finally received the last part for my build of Villetim 's H-Sync Shifter. And here's my build to be tested ;)
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    How to add earth ground.

    If i recall correctly , this chassis require an isolation transformer. That'd explains why you don't have earth ground.
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    Greetings from belgium

    thanks all ;)
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    Greetings from belgium

    Hello all, Thrilled to be part of this community, i'm playing arcade for more than 30 years now. I really love sega , but i do likes capcom, snk, namco , konami and midway too ;) I've several cabinets in my garage that i still need to fix. I'm really interesting in repairs while being a noob...