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    Empty CPS2-shell

    I think he means Yahoo Auctions. Funnily enough this guy fixed a pretty badly cracked AvP shell, see this thread -
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    FS: AWSD Power Supply Interface PCB [Batch 1 - SOLD OUT]

    interested in the next batch.
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    Capcom CP with Dreamcast controller ports hatch

    Looking forward to this panel :D Will it have the reflective finish on the underside or white powder coat finish? Also any decisions with the stick mounting, bracket style or studs like the original?
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    FS: Egret 2 Screenprinted Metallic UV ink REAL SILVER Repro art

    Art received. Colour match comparison size differences lettering original text New text
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    CPS1 C Boards - Multi Compatible

    Definitely worth getting more, the price went up slightly on the taobao listing. I imagine there will be quite a few others wanting a C board later on. Managed to get mine yesterday.
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    cps2 consolized

    Not sure if you've seen this but it might be worth considering the CPS2 I/O interface - Tidy little pcb.
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    Egret 2 Side Arts Re-Production with Silver Color

    If I decide to repaint then it should be easy, in two minds about taking the original art off though.
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    Egret 2 Side Arts Re-Production with Silver Color

    As hursit said, a lot of subtle differences with the measurements.
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    Egret 2 Side Arts Re-Production with Silver Color

    I would definitely take Windy 2 set, Atomiswave as well. Both the Windy 1 & Windy 2 art comes off easily, it's quite a heavy side art compared to other mentioned cabs but I fear there would not be enough interest to see it reproduced but hopefully we can get the vectors done.
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    Egret 2 Side Arts Re-Production with Silver Color

    Looking great Hurist. Thank you for your effort!!!
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    Official: CPS1 Multi by Darksoft/Apocalypse - Interest Check Thread

    There was someone over on UKV that managed to get a few custom B-21's from that batch but was also pondering the possibilities of creating universal C board not sure how far he got with his design. LINK
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    OFFSET Print Arcade Posters

    Mags is on the way (1200 dpi) ;) I'll try find this art next. I think I might have found a source
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    CPS1 - CPS2 - CPS3 Label Stickers Colored Version

    Is this any good... There is an auction here with the same label. Small text on the bottom left seem to read as - PUN KBJ93/5 AL ebay auction
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    CPS1 - CPS2 - CPS3 Label Stickers Colored Version

    Think the other colour Punisher label is similar to the poster, the blue version maybe based on this one as well.
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    REPRO SEGA, SNK and TAITO Panels

    Just out of interest, what kind of price would an E2 1 player panel fetch?