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    MV1FZNB2 Garbage Screen/Green Screen Loop

    I've tried leaving it on the work ram test screen for a few minutes, but upon reboot nothings changes. Going to see if even a unibios would let me bypass the watchdog to see if the issue is actually audio related or relating to the real time clock
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    MV1FZNB2 Garbage Screen/Green Screen Loop

    Thanks for the tips, tried reseating the bios but same problem persists :(. Looks like it could be the audio amp or the capacitors themselves.
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    MV1FZNB2 Garbage Screen/Green Screen Loop

    Hi all, took out my MV1FZ board out of storage to enjoy some KOF however I think I might have caused an accident. Played it for a few hours. however volume on the board was loud and kept distorting, so I went to tinker with the audio pot (VR1) - turning it did not make any difference to the game...
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    Hello from Melbourne, I come looking for SIMM burning advice

    Welcome mate, glad to see more Melbournians (if that even is a word) :D
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    Australian Roll Call / Registry / Deals Thread

    Cheers berty! Might hit you up in the near future :D
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    Australian Roll Call / Registry / Deals Thread

    Yeah I believe so, quickly checked before and it isn't sold on the website anymore so I figured Id ask here :) Don't have the tools necessary to write chips myself Thanks!
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    Australian Roll Call / Registry / Deals Thread

    Anyone know the best source for UniBios 4.0 down under? Cheers
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    Axun Workshop - Supergun-MINI

    I couldn't find this information on the store page and wanted to ask: With the provided video cables does this output a 75ohm or TTL signal? and does the PSU support 100-240v? Thanks!
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    CPS2 I/O Interface

    would it be possible to hookup one of those rgb/cga to tv converters to one of these? have one lying around to use and would like to try dual output :D
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    New Australian Distributor

    Congrats good sir, looking forward to doing business in the near future!
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    Positive feedback for djcalle

    Hi all, I reached out to djcalle to see if he would be interested in installing a PSIO switchboard and repairing my PC Engine controller port. Throughout the whole process djcalle went beyond and above my expectations, keeping me updated on WhatsApp with pictures and videos documenting...
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    Base/Bottom piece of an Astro City Control Panel ideas?

    Thank you for the clarification of the terminology! I believe I am looking for something to replace the control panel lower. Attached is the upper piece, I am looking for possible ideas on what could possibly serve as a base for one of these outside of an astro city machine.
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    Base/Bottom piece of an Astro City Control Panel ideas?

    Hi all, I have been searching the internet trying to find ideas on what could possibly replace the bottom piece of an astro city control panel bezel. So far I have seen some clever and painstaking woodwork to house the top part, but was wondering if anyone here had other ideas. I have a few...
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    Australian Roll Call / Registry / Deals Thread

    Hope all is well lads :D, just wanted to know if there is a better source than ebay/aliexpress for the altera usb blaster (clone??) in aus. Only require it to update my cps2 av board but I'd guess it'd be good to have nonetheless. P.S where is the best place for an aussie to order a cps2 multi...
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    UD-USB Decoders

    Would like to purchase two db-15 decoders directly if possible when they are available. Thank you! :)