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    Taito Ultra Street Fighter IV pcb

    What you have there is a Puzzle and Dragons TypeX3 that was converted to USFIV. What kills the value of these is the cost of shipping, however if you can find a local buyer or someone within Norway. I'd say $250 ~ $300 wouldn't be a bad price.
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    Taito Type X2 : Boot problem

    Do you have anything plugged into the USB ports? it sounds like if it is, its drawing too much power or you have a short on the motherboard.
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    Does Sega I/O work on the X2?

    Yes, that is actually the recommended JVS I/O for the multi. see here for kick harness pinout and jumper info.
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    Type X2 running fine but psu fans not spinning

    You can just retro fit a more common size.
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    WTB: Candy Cab

    Hey guys looking for a nice candy cab for my living room. Would love for a Astro, Aero, or Net City but open to whatever. Shoot me a PM if you got one for sell. :thumbsup:
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    Type X2 running fine but psu fans not spinning

    They can, I've seen them die before. If the PSU is working, then it would be very unlikely for it to be anything else. Regardless you'd need to open the PSU to find out. Just be careful as PSUs are dangerous.
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    Type X2 running fine but psu fans not spinning

    Fans are probably dead. you can find replacements online but you'll need to wire up the connectors.
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    A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame.

    Interesting, so if you turn patches off, the settings are loaded when autobooting? Or there always default when autobooting regardless of patches?
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    Type X2 Multi Freezing at game startup

    I'd try replacing the following in this order. 1.) SSD/HDD 2.) RAM 3.) GPU
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    New X2 owner, resolution question

    1.) The video card is a 7900GT and not a 7900GS? It might not have the proper BIOS. 2.) Ensure your DVI to VGA adapter is a DVI-I to VGA and not a DVI-D to VGA 3.) Potentially a Vewlix L monitor setting?
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    Purchased a TTX2 SFIV - should I back it up?

    Is it just vanilla SFIV? I would say no unless the version differs from the one on the multi. In which case, shoot me a PM so we can get it dumped :P
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    Vewlix to Jamma

    Its still a thing and should be available soon.
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    *FOUND* WTB Vewlix SEGA I/O Adapter Kit

    It looks like they're in stock on his site you linked? Are you looking for a kit with the I/O board as well?
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    Taito TypeX 2 Multi - won't stay running

    You might try replacing the drive, and RAM. No telling what’s been done to that drive. If you need a clean image let me know. Typically when the video card starts failing you’ll get BSOD.
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    New JAMMA Kit for Vewlix (and more!) - Universal JAMMA Interface

    Oh snap! For real? That's awesome! I have two blue diamonds, I just assumed they wouldn't accept anything below 480p. :thumbsup: I'm so ready for this kit!