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    Australian Roll Call / Registry / Deals Thread

    yes the route @mR_CaESaR went was better than mine. i bought from Riteng supplier off Ali and rang my local customs and organized all the legal stuff here in brisbane. all up it cost me 1600 and i rocked up to the port in my ute and picked it up myself. i heard someone in brisbane scored one for...
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    Sega Megalo 410

    I’ve actually sold that cab now I’ll upload a pic later today. But the monitor that fit inside was a Phillips 356M6QJAB. Left around 5-10mm gap either side of the screen. Filled that 41” hole pretty good though.
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    Sega Megalo 410

    Haha yeah we spoke over Facebook when they picked them up. The 36in monitor I have in mine has seemed to disappear lucky I bought it when I did.
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    New here from Australia

    Haha I’m so flat out at work now man it’s rediculous. I haven’t touched my cabs or tekken in a while
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    Custom Taito Vewlix Decal sticker

    Yup pretty keen I have bought from you before off eBay :)
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    Australian Roll Call / Registry / Deals Thread

    1. OsirusANZ 2. Northside brisbane (QLD) 3. I’m still learning myself aswell but I Have a Ute and can lift heavy shit lol 4. Not really after anything at this time got plans for other things. 5. I don’t got no social media/not allowed lol
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    Hello, from East TN

    Welcome buddy!! Can’t wait to see more collection videos on your channel.
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    Hello from Albury NSW

    Welcome pete Yup this has to happen one day!
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    hi all from Brisbane, Australia

    Hi all being in and out of these forums for a while, bout time I introduced myself :) I being gaming since I can remember had most of the consoles since early 90’s and only recently in the last 2-3 years being collecting arcade machines. Love all candy cabs and rythmn games. Photo with all...