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    PGM multicart interest check

    double yes
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    Factory mod or something else?

    Thanks for the info, despite my searching i didn't find that post! lol.
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    Factory mod or something else?

    Hi Peeps, Whilst taking apart my atomiswave for cleaning I noticed what looks like a mod on the board, not sure if this is factory (looks way too amateur for that) or something else? It came from China, so I was guessing maybe it was some sort of region mod, but I really don't know,any ideas...
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    Repro / Custom panel for various Japan cabinets 1.5.2021 updated.

    Hi @alberto Interested in the Capcom 2l12b panel. what fixings does it come with please? is there a picture of the back? Update 1.15.2021 Capcom Naomi panel theme added
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    Capcom CP with Dreamcast controller ports hatch

    hursit, that's totally amazing! i'd definitely be in for one, and a spare PCB, I burnt out a diode on the PCB when i made my own maple cables for it, i repaired it but it has a lovely burn mark on it now! Look forward to this one, please keep me posted.:D
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    Capcom CP with Dreamcast controller ports hatch

    I think Oli at arcade art shop is repro'ing them soon.
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    Sega Universal Upright conversion

    sorry for the necrobump mR_CaESaR but I did a fan mod to the rodotron a while back as it prolongs the life of it, the heatsyncs on the neckboard and main board get too hot to touch after a good few hours use. Any way here is the thread on AO...
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    ATOMISWAVE, the story of Romeo and Juliet

    Late to the party, but this is exciting stuff Brizzo :D
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    JVS Emulator

    Count me in 👍
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    Taito Canary Restore

    Great project good to see the results. Any idea what type of JST/molex (assuming you have the same loom) the multi pin combined power/rgb connector is, I've been having trouble identifying it, to me the one my friends canary has look more like an automotive connector.
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    A Freeware Taito TypeX Multigame

    This looks amazing, Thanks RTW & co :) @twistedsymphony did you manage to get this going in the end? I've been offered a TTX+ and wanted to see if i can getting going before i take the plunge!
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    Multi JVS v1.0

    Definitely interested depending on cost :D
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    Intro & Coming Soon - Sync Clean Pro V1.0

    Hello, I'd be interested in the vga version as well, and probably the later expansion if/when it arrives. Thanks.
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    CAVE PGM Conversion Labels - IGS PolyGame Master

    nice one smokemonster, they look amazing!
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    Nice mods, aaaand i've just found the caps i want to do mine :thumbsup: