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    WTB Nanao MS9 Monitor Chassis

    Appreciate everyone reaching out! Quick question, does anyone know off hand where I might be able to find the filter cap for an MS9-29A chassis? If anyone knows the part #? Thanks again!
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    WTB Nanao MS9 Monitor Chassis

    PM sent!
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    WTB Nanao MS9 Monitor Chassis

    Oh and I believe a MS9-29SU should work as well. So any one of those three! :thumbup:
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    WTB Nanao MS9 Monitor Chassis

    Yeah It's actually for an Astro City. So mainly looking for MS9-29A or MS9-29T.
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    WTB Nanao MS9 Monitor Chassis

    Hello all, Anyone here have a working Nanao MS9 monitor chassis that they are willing to sell? Thanks!
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    CPS3 Acrylic Case on Taobao

    LOL got myself confused obviously. :D
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    CPS3 Acrylic Case on Taobao

    Oh I thought you did your final run of CPS3 cases based on a twitter post from a while ago. If not yet, then good to know. :thumbup:
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    CPS3 Acrylic Case on Taobao

    Yes I'm aware of that site but aren't those the same acrylic cases that @mthngn posted above? They have the custom etching option also which he has with the Chun Li label. Looks sick by the way. :)
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    CPS3 Acrylic Case on Taobao

    Looks like everyone is officially SOL on CPS3 cases in general now. TR Fightstick stopped making the metal cases, Jasen's Customs just did his final run, now acrylic cases are out. Guess your best bet now is to see if any of the original metal cages come up that someone is willing to part...
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    WTB: CPS3 Metal Cage

    Hello all, Anyone by any chance have a CPS3 metal cage enclosure that they are willing to part with? I was going to go with the TRFightstick route but he is currently out of stock and it looks like it's going to be a long while. I have another CPS3 setup that is currently bare PCB. Let me...
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    CPS3 Repro Carts!!

    Just sent you a pm @Darksoft :)
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    K C Game sale

    Also it appears Ken has an Astro City available for the same price KC lists. I would check him out first since he's closer to CO.
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    replacing scsi cd-rom drive with scsi sd card adapter?

    Yes the 5.2 works. I've tested it on supergun, Astro City and Blast City cabs. The board is larger than normal but it's still a great alternative than going for those 5.0a's that come all the way from China.
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    one and a half x CPS3's arrived today - "untested, asume broken" with 96682A-S chip glued on to both - any thoughts?

    Yes you are going to need 1 64MB SIMM on slot 2 and 2 128MB SIMMS on slots 5 and 6 to get to the Darksoft menu. You can refer to this page on how may SIMMS you need-
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    UD-USB Decoders

    Yea people get them while you still can. I'm sure the batch won't last long. @undamned is a pretty busy dude, so I'm glad I didn't have to contact him directly to see if he had any spares laying around. Since of course he is local to me lol.