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    Multimeter recommendations?

    I bought a Vici VC97+ on Aliexpress back in 2016 for €24. It's basically a Fluke ripoff and got pretty good reviews. Never let me down, both features and accuracy are fine as far as I can tell. I still use it.
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    Negative feedback thread for kcarcadegame

    Good call @Darksoft, a big thanks from all of us :)
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    Negative feedback thread for kcarcadegame

    This guy shouldn't be allowed to sell here anymore, such a bad way of doing business. He shows no love for the arcade hobby, he just loves making money off of us and doesn't care how he does it. Ugh. Not sure if you've looked into it @Darksoft, if you have already, just ignore my tag.
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    FS - eBay a boatload of laserdiscs movies and player

    True, thought you could maybe work out a deal for a selection, but since it's on eBay probably not. Glws!
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    Astrocity Restoration + RGB!

    Oeh that second one looks rough. Good call replacing that Blast City CP for the first one. Good luck with the resto! What did you use for the neon there? Looks pretty arcadey :)
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    MiSTer FPGA

    The PS1 core is officially out now :)
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    Hakko FR-301 Desoldering Gun review

    Probably the one I'd buy when my current one would break down.
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    Naomi Pi 'WiPi Netbooter' - compatible with Pi 3&4

    Thanks, you wouldn't happen to have a schematic, do you? :)
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    Naomi Pi 'WiPi Netbooter' - compatible with Pi 3&4

    Thanks for your insight @chunksin , that sounds like a feasible but possibly timeconsuming idea. Let's hope somebody will look into it someday :D In light of the above, do you have more info regarding the reset mod? Tried searching for it here, but wasn't able to find anything else but a...
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    Naomi Pi 'WiPi Netbooter' - compatible with Pi 3&4

    Ah yes, I'm aware of that method, was just hoping for a software solution, but I guess that's not happening anytime soon.
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    Naomi Pi 'WiPi Netbooter' - compatible with Pi 3&4

    Bummer... thnx for your reply. It would be awesome to be able to have a buttoncombo to go back to the OSM within a cab. Maybe somewhere in the future... :)
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    MiSTerAddons MiSTercade - MiSTer for JAMMA cabinets

    Thanks @ShootTheCore , I thought maybe there is a source I could use to download the set to my server, as I'd prefer having the ROM's load over CIFS?
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    Retro Hardware Capacitors LISTS

    We just replaced the caps for @PascalP sound amp, it's a SJ25-0604-01, usually found in a Virtua Tennis 3 Naomi cabinet (as far as we can find). See the cap list below (picture in the attachments)...