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    Help with Top3000 Programmer Drivers

    Ok, so I got help by a friend with a GQ-4X programmer and all five IC's worked fine with that one. Didn't have time to try any other IC's on m TOP3000 today, but I ran the self test and it reported something being wrong with the programmer :/ Of course it doesn't tell you what is wrong X/...
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    Help with Top3000 Programmer Drivers

    The SST27SF512:s are EEPROMS so can't be over-baked, but I suppose they still have a finite lifespan.
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    Help with Top3000 Programmer Drivers

    3 out of 5 by in that case :/ Gonna try some good old EPROM's tomorrow to see if I can get anything to work.
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    Help with Top3000 Programmer Drivers

    Thanks guys, but already running with driver signing enforcement disabled :( Got it up and running on another PC (also w10x64). Erase, blank and read works but writing reports error at 0000 trying to write to an SST27SF512. Haven't tried any other chips yet.
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    Help with Top3000 Programmer Drivers

    Gnnnh....!! The joy vs. agony rate on this is too low. When it works it works (almost) flawlessly, but when it doesn't.... X( I've had it working on this computer with the 8.36 version. Now when I try to connect it it shows up as a USB serial device under ports. Topall asks me to reconnect...
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    Mini USB JVS IO board?

    Ooh, this looks interesting in soo many ways. Where do I sign up? 8o
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    FS: Bunch of games

    I have the following games for sale. Prices are in USD and w/o shipping, PP gift (regular: +4%). Shipping from Sweden. The games are tested and working. Any questions, shoot me a PM. And if any price seems out of bounds let me know...or just give me an offer ;) My feedback at AO...
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    Milspex' Arcade Game Room

    I'm still drooling over your CPO and signs. Love the graphics :love:
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    SOLD Mushihimesama PCB (2-dot), cavewich included

    Slight risk Darksoft would end up with a prize on his head if he did that 8|
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    Hello from sweden

    Välkommen :thumbup:
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    Tekken 5.1 issue

    Didn't find the old photos I had but here's one I snatched from the intertubes.
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    Tekken 5.1 issue

    The live monitor was used back in the days for an audience to watch tournaments. There was a tower with a 32" or 40" flatscreen and speakers etc especially for this. Let me see if I still have photos of it somewhere.
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    System 246/256 network function

    If you by the card system mean the IC-cards for storing progress they don't need any connection to Namco or anything else. You only need a card reader connected to your 256. Regarding the network functions I haven't tried any of those :(
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    Greets from Guruville, Dump City

    Ok, I'll get back to you on that one.