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    Killer Instinct Dual Board

    Thanks @luke7110 and @mathewbeall for both of your help. I was able to get this working. Even my dumbass was able to figure it out. Here’s some pics of my shitty wiring and video of it working since I didn’t see much details with the switch. Hope this helps someone. View...
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    Namco System 256 PlayStation Controller adapters for sale!!! NOW Available!!!

    Thanks @Franco23444, they work really well View:
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    WTB Namco System 246B Metal Cover/Case

    Need replacement since this didn’t come with one
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    Namco 2X6-Pi Multi Selector

    Here's my take on OLED graphics. Insert these into the OLED folder inside /var/www/html
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    FOUND WTB Namco System 246 Soul Calibur II Memory Card

    for CONQUEST MODE @mathewbeall
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    OpenJVS - JVS Emulator

    I am also interested in 2 openjvs hats myself please. I’ve done the rewiring hack with my xbox wheel alongside @Mitsurugi-w’s jvs i/o adapter, but this is a lot less invasive
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    WTB Bucky O’Hare

    4 player preferably
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    WTB Ringwide Melty Blood AACC

    preferably complete, but if just the game and machine, that’s fine too
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    CPS2 Digital AV Interface install on a CPS1 DASH 89626A-4 Board
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    CPS2 Digital AV Interface install on a CPS1 DASH 89626A-4 Board

    In preparation for the CPS1 Multi and since @mathewbeall personally asked me for these, I’ll provide pics of my setup.
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    Kaneko Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire: Jackie Chan Densetsu

    updated version of The Kung-Fu Master Jackie Chan