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    [FS]full sheetmetal VEWLIX mini,need 3 more orders

    id max at 300usd shipped. over that i cant do it
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    [FS]full sheetmetal VEWLIX mini,need 3 more orders

    really im game for one.
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    BlueSCSI - Possible SCSI2SD Alternative

    hatmoose this all work with teh metal cps3 case also?
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    BlueSCSI - Possible SCSI2SD Alternative

    im in how much.
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    32 MB sims.... Capcom

    will send out those parts to you. thanks for the trade
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    wtb broken snes classic controller

    im really after a non broken grey connector form it to repair a controller i have.
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    Dreamcast VMU stand-alone?

    there is a mega virtual memory project on dream-talk forums... dont see teh pcb files yet thou
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    NAOMI VMU holder/reader

    chacal231077 i was thinking the same thing. i have two of these.
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    Dreamcast VMU stand-alone?

    im basing this on the pictures i could find. if i find the info. ill share and hopefully we can get a pcb designed for it .also there is a steering wheel subboard that can be added. looks like only few parts for that.
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    Dreamcast VMU stand-alone?

    the mgcd vmu part is a cable and a small pcb with no parts to a memory card conector. i recently also got a mgcd and was looking for info how to make this board adpater for teh vmu.
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    wtb: atomiswave network adapters

    looking for 2 of them
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    Hi arcade fans!

    welcome aboard
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    mvs unibios 4.0

    4.0 has a anti tampering feature.