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    REPRO SEGA, SNK and TAITO Panels

    Finally getting round to putting my 2P Vewlix C panel on. It's looking good 8) Thanks @Rbtamanini And here it is next to an original 1P panel:
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    Universal monitor bracket for Vewlix

    I bought a 32ML600M and 32MP58HQ (there was a 20% off sale on ebay at the time :D ) In a side by side test on my desk, I didn't see a preference, so I put the 32MP58HQ in the Vewlix, and am using the 32ML600M as PC monitor
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    Universal monitor bracket for Vewlix

    Finally got round to installing mine, nice and easy to do 8) Thanks for this @Hadouken Arcade it great to have a bracket that doesn't require any modifications to the Vewlix, in order to future proof it in the event of a monitor failure. (I didn't mod the monitor frame either, I decided to...
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    Astro City II replacement light cover?

    That explains things a bit. I've bought a couple of bits from those other accounts. They had 'yaton' stickers on, but with other stickers stuck ontop! Hopefully the seemingly never ending warehouse of arcade goodies doesn't dry up, whatever the reasons! 8)
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    Universal monitor bracket for Vewlix

    32MP58HQ got, bracket pre-ordered. 8) Looking forward to playing my Vewlix with a nice clear screen, rathern than a slightly dull screen with horizontal sooty lines! If anyone in the UK happens to be after one let me know. I ordered two, as shipping was the same and the 10% discount made...
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    technos wwf missing part identification help

    Pics from mine if it helps: 1056J
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    SEGA IO adapter for Vewlix cabinets

    Finally got round to giving mine a test drive. It's a great little plug 'n' play device for anyone with a missing/faulty Taito I/O :thumbup:
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    The Jassifier

    Sorry for the late reply, work's been a bit busy the past few weeks! I've given this a good few hours of play and am happy to confirm that it works nicely in my JAMMAfier - OSSC - Vewlix C setup. (I'm using a RGC 8pin din --> rgb scart cable) I've tried various boards and not had an issue with...
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    Sanwa T32H07S (KA) - Vewlix-F monitor brown banding on white screens

    Thanks for the info, settles my mind not to go to the effort of of trying to clean and possibly break the screen in my C Hard to get good pics, but here's what a new screen looks like in an F. (a replacement LCD panel, rather than a whole new monitor) Slightly orangey white with bands turns...
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    CPS2 Roll-Up Packs: All roms for the CPS2 kit

    Here's a couple of links to the OLD packs. EDIT: Please use these packs instead
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    OFFSET Print Arcade Posters

    Thank you @hursit for doing some cool posters. I’ve been after a Punisher poster for quite a few years but been sniped every time. Below is a custom made frame that used to house an original Japanese B2 movie poster. It’s not exactly the same dimensions as you have mentioned, but it fits nicely...
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    [FS] Arcade-Projects Jamma extension cables

    Here we go. Allows for an X2 and JAMMA setup to run nicely together, just a usb cable change at the I/O end to switch between 8) Only time I need to swap anything out is if I want to use the Fast I/O
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    [FS] Arcade-Projects Jamma extension cables

    Extension received safe and sound, and it gives just the right amount of length to comfortably fit in ;) I put it in my Vewlix, all looks/sounds/works great, and it's nice to be able to mount the Jammafier out of harms way. Thanks @The Spaniard 8)
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    CPS 1.5 Questions

    4) This too in due course: InfiniKey-CPS1 Aye, missing the bits and bobs in the bottom right corner
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    (Sales Thread) SEGA I/O adapter for Vewlix cabinets

    Received mine safe and sound, thanks to all involved :thumbsup: