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    Asian and Hong Kong nes consoles and game cart collection VERY RARE OP PRICE DROP

    hey guys this is a rare op to add to your NES collection i have 2 NES consoles one is the Asian and the other is the Hong Kong nes included in the sale is some ASIAN and HONG KONG variants of games and also some pirate games one of the consoles is the Ultra rare gloss top and asian punchout isnt...
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    Namco Noir PRICE DROPPP

    upfor grabs is my Namco Noir great working order with everything but the coin mech comes with 2P panel and a working running taitio typex2 with Multi SSD asking $1700AUD flexible , willl post world wide at buyers cost but rest assured will do all the work on my end to get it to you
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    original hyper streetfighter 2 anniversary edition cps2 UPDATE $1200AUD GET A BARGAIN

    hey guys up for grabs is my original hyper streetfighter 2 anniversary edition cps2 board she works flawlessly and this is one rare af cps2 board to get asking $1200AUD posted worldwide at buyers cost
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    Hello from Australia

    yo from melbourne
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    Taito Type X2 Upgrades and Mods

    hey murry great work on this , tried to give it a shot but ya megalink is down
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    It came out looking so much better than i could have hoped for the hexis really made it pop again next on the agenda was to sort out some artwork for this beast , i had my panel out with a plastics company to cut me a sheet to shape with all the holes lasered out i got a hold of a screen...
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    Hey guys thought id show my biggest project i took on here Earlier in the year here in Melbourne i had the opportunity to get my hands on a holy grail of mine the covenant BIG BLUE DYNAMO usa import For those who dont know these are the cabs capcom went with for their official streetfighter...
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    Australian Roll Call / Registry / Deals Thread

    I have a greytop marvel superheros cps2 board going for $250 if you need another donor
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    AtomiswaveSD ***SOLD***

    100 percent
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    Namco Noir replacement monitor?

    Ok i have a 32" monitor already i might try this when i get home
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    AtomiswaveSD ***SOLD***

    i could have that worked out if you like mate just hit me up in pm
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    Namco Noir replacement monitor?

    Replacing with the lg im guessing you have to decase it?
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    AtomiswaveSD ***SOLD***

    Hey everyone gonna bite the duat and say goodbye to my SD it is setup with a alberto made 1p panel but i also have the original 1p panel to suit it with card reader Retain the original speakers but i have installed logitechs using original brackets, trust me sounds SO much better but indo have...
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    Streetfighter EX 2 Plus

    Nah mine original but maybe I should check the rome?