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  1. Dubiyus

    Atomiswave Multi

    What's the longest anyone has had to wait for an approval to post at Neo Arcadia? I signed up on the 9th of April and still haven't received an approval email.
  2. Dubiyus


    What's the status of the Infinikeys? Sent a msg a while ago looking for a 10 pack but never heard anything back. Still looking for that 10 pack!
  3. Dubiyus

    Custom panel for SATURN HSS-0136 and HSS-0151

    Is it possible to get this layout on one of your panels? It's my favorite layout ever and I've tried a 3D printed version but it just doesn't have the stiffness that metal does.
  4. Dubiyus

    CPS2 A Board part identification

    I'm not an engineer but I'm totally capable of mending electronics. Just need a hand sometimes. I have a CPS2 A board that doesn't boot so I opened it up and started inspecting. Quickly found this lovely bit of a disaster. Best I can tell from searches and whatnot is that it's a resistor...
  5. Dubiyus


    PM sent!
  6. Dubiyus

    Custom panel for SATURN HSS-0136 and HSS-0151

    Just wondering if these panels are still available? Looking for a 1L6B layout that will fit a Sanwa JLF.