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    In this thread we tube and yoke swap monitors

    Most of these consumer sets I've been using for swaps are somewhere between the Blast and Astro curvature--closer to Blast. I don't have any pictures handy, but we used some foam weather seal to close the gap. It's not a perfect fit, but it's not very noticeable when you're actually sitting down...
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    Looking for an OK Baby tube replacement.

    These originally came with either Ducksan or Hantarex monitors afaik, and curved--not flat. Someone swapped the monitor for sure. It's a clone/rebranding of the common Wei-ya universal chassis. The sticker you found says the acceptable ranges for the yoke's resistance and inductance. Assuming...
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    Japanese Sega Lindbergh Power supply Alternative.

    You could always replace the fan in it. The bearings are probably shot which is why it's making that noise.
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    FOUND Nanao MS9 flyback or parts chassis

    Thanks but my goal is really just to get this one that's missing the flyback back on the road again
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    FOUND Nanao MS9 flyback or parts chassis

    I have an MS9 chassis that I got missing the flyback. It was broken and I got it working, but I'm borrowing a fly from a working pcb. Anyone happen to have one? Or possibly a parts board that has severe corrosion/physical damage etc which I can pull it from. Not looking to get one of the...
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    Sanwa 29E31S noise/twitching/size issues (flyback is ok)

    Also, here's a much more legible scan of the schematics for anyone else frustrated with the awful quality of what's online.
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    Sanwa 29E31S noise/twitching/size issues (flyback is ok)

    Bought a bulk lot of these sanwa chassis. I have two chassis which both work but both exhibit a vertically twitchy and noisy picture. One of them also has the pincushion/size issue which is common on these with bad flybacks, but I have swapped the flyback with one from a 100% known good, low...
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    Dismantling a New/Astro City - how hard it can be?

    I have taken apart 8 or 9 of them for deep cleaning. Once you get good at it you can have the whole cab torn apart in about an hour. Really though; take the monitor shroud off, take the monitor out, then disconnect all the wiring that goes between the two halves. Use JIS drivers to loosen all...
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    FOUND Kortek KT-2914DF Dual Focus Flyback

    Looks like these are out of stock everywhere and the repair shops want to keep their stock. Looking for a KT-2914DF flyback, specifically the dual focus version. EDIT: Found one. For future readers: the flyback FQM19A002 from the Kortek KT-2938 works perfectly, but you will need to terminate...
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    WTB Sanwa flat 29" yoke, from PFX or 29PF31

    I'm in Washington, but I'll send you a DM and maybe we can work something out.
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    WTB Sanwa flat 29" yoke, from PFX or 29PF31

    Bump, still looking
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    WTB Sanwa flat 29" yoke, from PFX or 29PF31

    Bump, really need one of these
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    FS Sega Blast City

    Yokes don't connect to the neck board. They are talking about swapping the video signal wire going to the neck board (where the color drive circuit is) to rule out the signal path being an issue. Since the other two colors are known working, if you swap the color signal wires going from the...
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    Maximum Tune 3DX+ Restoration/Refurbish

    These went to their first show a couple weeks ago. I think it's the first time they've been in public since 2019. I asked a friend to remake the seizure warning and card insert stickers. I love reproducing artwork, but I'm so short on time these days that I needed to recruit some help. I did...
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    WTB Sanwa flat 29" yoke, from PFX or 29PF31

    Looking for a yoke from either of these flat Sanwa monitors. PFX or 29PF31. Needs to specifically be the flat Sanwas, NOT the round ones. Bought one from another seller on here nearly a month ago who still hasn't shipped it, so trying to get a backup option before our next show.
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    Neo Geo MVS-4-25 v3 Restoration

    SDI in the corner means Samsung SDI, their materials and components division. Nice cab, looks like a fun project!
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    Alright School Me Please - Nanao MS2930/31/33 Tube Swap

    You will need to swap the yoke. IMO, it would be better to repair the Kortek.
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    Maximum Tune 3DX+ Restoration/Refurbish

    The dashboards were a bit of a process and I should have taken more pictures, but it's tough when you've got a lot going on and are trying to focus. They were very scratched up from people putting phones, keys etc on the top of them. Also, there were a few cracks, cigarette burns, and missing...
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    Maximum Tune 3DX+ Restoration/Refurbish

    Been working on the rest of our fleet but made some progress since these are going to an event next week. I was missing the upper bezel mount and couldn't find any for sale. I modeled it and printed some, then used some black foam board I had handy to fill the gap. At some point, I will replace...