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  1. thomas3184

    Vewlix Diamond Black/Orange Control Panel Backlighting Mod

    I thought someone said the mounts internally are different between the black/orange vs the blue.
  2. thomas3184

    Taito Type X 3 (TTX3) Owners Thread - Pics/Info/Stuff

    Nvm, still works with melted chips… just had to replace cmos battery.
  3. thomas3184

    Taito Type X 3 (TTX3) Owners Thread - Pics/Info/Stuff

    This just happened to me today too, wonder how that happens that those chips melt. I will have to get a jvspac and a power switch too it seems.
  4. thomas3184

    FS Game Saru cab imports - NO specialty requests until 2026 (updated 6/11/2024)

    If I pay you less can you put me in the back of the line though?
  5. thomas3184

    Monitor Damage from shipping

    I’ve gotten cardboard rubbing against the monitor scraping off coating before too.
  6. thomas3184

    FS Virtual Pinball Widebody

    I don’t care how it plays, I care how much he could have gotten for whatever state it was instead of parting it out (original owner)
  7. thomas3184

    Hello great looking forum new member

    Welcome, have fun!
  8. thomas3184


    Stop tempting me with the damn nostalgias. Someone buy them please. Good job buying all the pras though, one crisis averted.
  9. thomas3184

    FS Virtual Pinball Widebody

    That is nice, but like what happened to the original IJPA…
  10. thomas3184

    Very positive feedback for Cereth/GameSaru

    Not going to stop them from asking though.
  11. thomas3184

    Very positive feedback for Cereth/GameSaru

    Now everyone is gonna be asking him for locks.
  12. thomas3184

    FS Taito Vewlix Repro Marquee Lights - Pre-Orders (CLOSED)

    Good to see you are alive. Hope things get better.
  13. thomas3184

    Vewlix Diamond Blue w/TTX3 + Brook UFB

    You could, but I think @Lemony Vengeance makes a harness for brook ufb to plug into taito J/K harness so you just swap two plugs every time. @FrancoB has mounting solutions for it that are 3d printed as well. He has provided the files I believe.
  14. thomas3184

    SOLD Miscellaneous Vewlix parts

    Fastio for $80 shipped? That’s cheap cheap.
  15. thomas3184


    I don’t need it, but I needs it.
  16. thomas3184


    Dang pras3 with alls for 1k…
  17. thomas3184

    Sony PVM replacement bezel

    I’ll take a free cosmetically broken pvm any day.
  18. thomas3184

    FS Decided to Keep It 🙌🏽

    Yeah, 4k was a great price with an extra monitor, any less and you are getting robbed.
  19. thomas3184

    Japanese Game Center Control Panel Artwork Reproductions

    I’m interested in the hey for sure.